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Leadership Training

Should Project Managers Consider Investing in Executive Leadership Training Program?

As a manager should you invest in executive leadership coaching? Yes, Coaching helps leaders gain more emotional intelligence; it enables them to have greater empathy and self-awareness. With external support, executives participating in coaching become more aware of their impact on others; they learn to self-identify problems & design solutions and develop skills to transform...CONTINUE READING
10 Things Great Managers Do

10 Things GREAT Managers Do

10 Things GREAT Managers Do Employees crib about their bosses. That’s a common and undocumented phenomena seen at workplace. There is no denying about it. But it would be a bigger problem if others perceive you as a mediocre manager. We know it even when colleagues, subordinates don’t say things on our face. If you...CONTINUE READING
20 Important KPIs Every Project Manager Must Track

20 Important Project KPIs Every Project Manager Must Track Regularly

Important Project KPIs Every Project Manager Must Track What is KPI? Key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that indicate how well an individual, department or organization or an entity is achieving its important business objectives or goals. KPIs can be of different types, applicable to different goals such as strategic goals or operational...CONTINUE READING
The most effective project management office

6 Ways You Can Have The Most Effective Project Management Office

6 Ways You Can Have The Most Effective Project Management Office The statistics for project management office appears to be on both sides, depending on what survey-research and numbers you are looking at. There are instances of success and failure of project management offices across industries. However knowing what all factors which lead project management office...CONTINUE READING

Productivity Secrets | Productivity Weekly Round up

Productivity Secrets of the Week | Productivity Round up at Project Management Software Blog Let’s look weekly roundup of productivity articles in last week. 15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity In this Inc article about productivity, Stephanie has listed 15 habits that one can develop to improve productivity. Here is the list of...CONTINUE READING
5 Project Management KPIs Challenges

5 Project Management KPIs Challenges

Assumptions, impulses, anecdotes. As a manager, do you think these factors drive the most smart decisions to consistently grow the business? Nope, it is data driven inferences and decisions. In order to grow a business consistently, today any business needs to make fact based, information driven decision rather than pure speculations and assumptions. It means...CONTINUE READING
Best Gantt Chart Software - Checklist

Best Gantt Chart Software

Looking for the best project KPI dashboard software for your business. So that you get a clear sense of how projects across portfolio performing and whether you need to step-in and exactly where you will have to support your team? Here is the list of project KPI dashboard software for you to consider in 2018.CONTINUE READING