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5 Reasons To Switch To Web Based Project Management Software

Still Using Spreadsheet? Should You Consider Web Based Project Management Software?

Desktop based project management system have certainly helped business in the past to plan projects better. In absence of any good tool, desktop based project management tools (including MS Project, Primavera, or even spreadsheet) provided mechanism to plan or track projects. As the times have changed, companies have realized the need of central platform that can deliver faster performance for project management and collaboration in real time. Web based project management software have provided a strong and much better alternative for businesses. Let’s look at five reasons businesses should consider to switch to web based project management software.

Scheduling in Web based Project Management Software

No More Confusion or Anxiety Because Of Multiple Copies of Project Plan or Issue Log

With desktop based project management software, project team used to get confused or irritated because of many copies of project plan sent every week or month, only to realize that the update done in the last file wouldn’t be valid now. Web based project management software gives one common location for project data. Any change done to project plan or project issue log or risk register is accessible to project team members and since there is one single copy of project artifacts, it avoids communication gap, confusion, rework, frustration; rather web based project management tool brings more transparency.

Web Based Project Management Software Leads To Better Project Collaboration

Online project management systems enables a good platform for project collaboration. New generation of project management system not only include team member for project collaboration but also involves project stakeholders such as project sponsor, portfolio manager, customers, vendors, contractors.

The desktop based or installable project management system, have been conventionally not meant or designed for project collaboration. Also the earlier perception: ‘emails, sharing of files and folder sharing is collaboration” has changed. Web based project management software enables better project collaboration in terms of sharing real time update of change in task schedule, task progress, task comments, issue creation, issue comments, issue update, risks notifications, discussion forums, meetings, and so on.

You Get Simplified Interface Plus, Access at Any Time Anywhere Almost Any Device

With online project management tool, project team can find greater adoption ratio, because of simpler interface. The new age of PM systems, are designed for better experience of users, it means simpler interface, faster performance.

The greatest benefit of project management system is, it can be accessed at any time, anywhere and using any one of the devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets. Basically web based project management systems have removed any barrier or device, time or location for a project team to get involved or accessing project information.

Go Mobile, Go Anywhere using web based project management software

Online Project Management Software Works Well For Teams Located Globally

If your business has globally dispersed team working on multiple projects, it is more than obvious that your company need to move to an online project management system. Desktop based project management systems would create bottleneck in planning, managing projects for global team. Questions would arise

  • Can you plan for global resources without knowing their holidays, existing work plan?
  • How will you communicate regular changes in project schedule, issues, risks, change requests, etc.?
  • How will your senior managers be able to track project progress or project portfolio status based on discrete update shared by project team members?

The simple solution in this case is switching to online project management tool that provides a central platform for everyone involved.

Move Up In The Value Chain

Solid project portfolio management software can enable your organization to exploit project management office (PMO) capabilities. PMO can set policies about how new project request is routed, review, approved before a project can be kicked-off, how to bring about consistency in the way issuse, risks, change requests are handled across projects, how resources are allocated, deployed across various projects, how documents/approvals are organized across projects, how project scope/objectives, etc are defined and tracked, how project budget, cost are allocated, tracked. So basically an integrated solution that can allow your organization to become process oriented (to bring about predictability and consistency) at the same time being nimble and lean to respond to market dynamics.

you should switch to online project management software

Web Based Project Management Software Keeps Upgrading Regularly

Generally web based project management systems are upgraded regularly, e.g. Zilicus keeps on upgrading its web based project management software ZilicusPM on a regular basis. It introduces new features, enhancements, bug fixes pretty regularly. It also means, customers can expect a quick turnaround time for their queries regarding new feature requests, enhancement requests, issues, etc.


Though few businesses are worried about data security aspect while moving towards online project management system, it is important to note that on the contrary to company’s perception, online PMS vendors can provide more secure and reliable solution. The advantages of moving to web based project management tool clearly makes it a winner over desktop based software now, as well as in a longer run.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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