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Tech Trends for Project Managers

5 Tech Trends For Project Managers | Project Management Roundup

5 Tech Trends For Project Managers

Elizabeth Harrin has highlighted five tech trends for project managers that they should be aware of, since technology and project management are inter-related and technology is going to be more and more important for project management in future. Let me list down the trends Elizabeth has identified

  1. Predictive Analytics
  2. Visual Data Presentation
  3. Interoperability
  4. Social Archiving
  5. 3D Printing

Read more about these in her article here.

Dissecting the Most Commonly Used Agile PM Methods

Tech Trends For Project Managers | Introduction to Different Agile MethodsJoel Roberts in this article has introduced readers to agile project management practices or approaches.

Agile project management is certainly not newly found thing, many organizations have been practicing it for more a decade. Joel gives introduction to following agile project management approaches.

  1. Scrum
  2. Extreme Programming (XP)
  3. Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM)

Read more about this article here.

Be Careful Which Projects You Agree to Manage

This is in fact an interesting case study where article author James Young claimed to be involved in a project bidding and execution process, as a project manager (PM). The bidding proposal was submitted to client and it was resent with significant cost reduction by client. Though PM opposed taking up this project, the project was taken up for execution. However PM ensured that the efforts are meticulously planned for designated work, resources and all change requests are documented well. Also this information is shared with management as well as client on a regular basis. At the end the project delivery was sub-standard but because of regular and good documentation practice followed by PM, team was not stretched for overworking. There are certainly take away from the described situation/ case study. Read more about this project management case study here.

How to Measure Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader

Emotional intelligence is about how one can manage his/her emotions and relationship with others. Emotional intelligence make huge difference how a leader can walk the path of leadership. Daniel Goleman, the author of the article, asks leaders to introspect about following aspects

  1. Emotional Insight and Self-Awareness
  2. Emotional Balance and Self-Management
  3. Empathy and Social Awareness require Good Listening
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Key Relationship Management Skill

6 Essential Rules For Effective Project Risk Management

Tech Trends for Project Managers | Rules for Effective Project Risk ManagementIn this article on projectmanagement.com, I have talked about importance of project risk management for businesses and the importance of having a proactive approach to manage project risk. There are certain basic principles for effective risk management; do take a look at 6 essential rules for effective project risk management article here.

I’d add further to these articles, and based on our experience at Zilicus something we realized as a changing tech trends for project managers:

Unlike to popular perception that project management is a operations or back end kind of thing, business owners, senior management have realized that project management professionals are best placed to face client right from project bidding process till project delivery. Hence they are moving away from non-collaborative tools such as spreadsheet, files, etc, to more sophisticated but simple to use integrated project management software such as ZilicusPM.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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