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8 Challenges Impacting Project Management | Project Management Weekly Roundup

8 Challenges Impacting Project Management

The CIO article about project management talks about the challenges impacting project management especially software project management. Few of the points the article highlights are

  • Globalization and high competition
  • Legacy information systems
  • Lack of expertise in niche or specific software skills
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) taking the lead in conventional software market
  • Multitude of and complexity in user requirements
  • Third Party Integration
  • Software Quality Issues delaying delivery
  • Accounting practices to recognize project revenue

challenges impacting project management

The Seven Imperatives to Keeping Meeting on Track.

If you have read this blog earlier, you would have noticed a similar article in the past article:8 Tips For Managing Project Meetings, Effectively. We have HBR article on similar lines that talks about making the purpose clear, controlling the participant’s size, setting the right tone for the meeting, managing spoilers better, smooth transitions, still staying on the course.

There is one more article in this week about meetings: Designing the meeting agenda for effective meeting. While deciding or designing the take input from team members, select topic that affects most team members, enlist topics and present those as questions that team members should answer, clearly highlight the purpose of meeting whether to share information, seek inputs or make decision, estimate realistic time for the meeting and so on. Please refer ‘how to design meeting agenda’ article for more information.

How I Got to the Root of My Program’s Problem

This is an interesting post about project programs implemented in author’s company to improve billing experience for customers and towards the end of the program, desired benefits appeared to be missing. It is as good as a case study where author has demonstrated process along with corrective actions to show/deliver benefits to his organization. Please read this article further.

Delegation is Not Enough, You Need to Coach Them For Better Results

Project Management Challenge | Delegation with Coaching

Delegation is not as easy as it seems. Just allocating work/activity to someone and asking him/her to do it by certain time/date isn’t all about delegation. At least, that’s not the ideal situation the delegating manager would see for himself: providing clear instructions and getting relieved of responsibility once that activity is done so that one gets time to do his/her own things? In reality, one has to hand-hold, train, coach his/her subordinate for effective delegation or seamless transfer of work and responsibilities in longer run. Have a look at the article: For Delegation to Work, It Has to Come with Coaching

Number of Connection On LinkedIn: More the better?

Somewhat counter intuitive but seemingly correct if someone tells you that The More People We Connect with on LinkedIn, the Less Valuable It Becomes. Well, that’s what this HBR article says.

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