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9 Advantages of using project management software in the cloud

9 Advantages of using project management software in the cloud

A project management software in the cloud is becoming a mainstream phenomenon. Almost every industry has adopted it irrespective of sector and size. In last few years, the rate of adoption of cloud based project software has multi-folded.

Unlike 10 years ago, businesses understand the meaning, advantages, values and reliability of cloud computing. Yet few customers have confusion or arrière pensée about online project management software or project management software in the cloud in general. This article will help you understand benefits of online project management system like ZilicusPM.

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  • Access – anytime anywhere

First and foremost flexibility or advantage you will see is – project management software in the cloud can be accessed at any time (24×7) and from any location, as long as you are connected to internet. Unlike on-premise or convention software (which requires you to have specific location, accessible during specific timeslots or accessible from specific devices) cloud based solutions offer lot flexibility.

  • Easy to get started and quick learning

Call it impact of social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Quora) or evolving user experiences, cloud based software are typically designed to get started quickly and simpler to use. Unlike conventional software (which require you to have specific training to learn the tool and even after training, you need lot of hand-holding), cloud based software are designed to simpler to get started and learn.

  • Improve collaborative and productivity

The biggest advantage of project management software in the cloud such as ZilicusPM – project management system is greater adoption and resulting increase in collaboration and improved productivity of users. In conventional software, it is hard to get people using complex tools that puts a question mark on RoI. On the other hand, cloud based tool are designed to be enable collaboration, improve productivity without much financial burden. E.g. ZilicusPM offers many avenues to collaborate, keeping project team informed about various facets of project management collaboration – document sharing, document version, labeling, email notification, alerts, email based collaboration, comments, discussion forums, meeting notifications, etc. cloud based tools like ZilicusPM offers spectrum of ways to facilitate project collaboration and improve productivity of project team members.

  • Cost effective, no legacy and no complexity

Cloud based project management software provide like ZilicusPM have their pricing information publicly shared online. So typically cloud based software have transparent pricing. The way cloud based project management tools are offered (business model), it is possible for vendors to pass on the cost-save advantage to their customers.

  • No hardware, no installation

If you are curious about cloud based project management, CRM or HRMS or any such tools, by now you would have realized that cloud based tools do not require hardware; neither you have to do any installation. If the vendor strictly offers cloud based tools, he will take of cloud based hardware so that you can access the software hassle-free manner.

  • No maintenance

With cloud based project management system, your IT administrators and network team are freed from maintenance of the software. Since cloud based project management software providers take care of the version upgrade, data backup and various other activities to ensure application remains available, accessible 99.9% of the time. This is another important reason why business people prefers cloud based solutions. The excessive burden and dependent on IT support team is removed with cloud based software.

  • Adaptive

More often than not, cloud based project management software providers keep upgrading their software to newer version. In case of ZilicusPM, company keeps releasing latest version approximately once in a month. This element of cloud based software provider is viewed by customers as ‘Being Adaptive’. It is also beneficial for customers because they can expect quicker turn-around time for their requests or any issue resolution. Also because the cloud based project management system and alike software are designed to be simple which enables teams to adopt the tool quickly and easily.

  • Flexible

Another benefit cloud based project management software and like tools offers is – they are flexible. Flexible in terms of scale, features, learning and training. Unlike conventional software where businesses have to enter into long term contract in order to use the software, cloud based solutions are offered as monthly or yearly subscriptions. Most vendors offer 30-days free trial which enables customers to ‘try-before-you-buy’ and ensure the right fit of the tool for your organization. Also e.g. ZilicusPM offers project planning (Gantt chart), project resource management software, project collaboration, project timesheet tracking, project risk management, project expenses, cost management, project document management and lot more. Yet customers can decide which modules to use thus have the flexibility of choosing what they need.

  • Reliable and Secure

Typical cloud based project management software vendor (like Zilicus) is hosted on world class infrastructure like AWS by Amazon, there are mechanisms using which vendors maintains security of the customer data (SSL certificates, data segregation, data encryption, etc), and redundancy of data to ensure continuity of operation. Such processes ensure availability of the software for more than 99.90% of the time and also ensure security of the access, customer data, making it a smart choice by organizations.

If you would like to manage projects effectively, ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as a project manager (for its completeness) but also for your team members (for its simplicity & ease of use), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial

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