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Being Ultimate Project Manager – Lessons to Learn (Project Management Recap)

Being Ultimate Project Manager – Lessons to Learn (Project Management Recap)

Here is the project management recap to help project management professionals to manage project more effectively, smartly and with more productivity. Ultimate Project Manager Guide

Lessons to learn to be Ultimate Project manager

Almost every project management professional wants to be the champion project manager or the ultimate project manager any organization can desire to have. Being ultimate project manager requires you to be have uncanny ability to inspire others to walk the path you visualize, have excellence team building ability, and serve as a great coach, excellent communicator and other important skills. Geekwire has come up with six course to help you prepare to manage next big projects. Note: it is a paid course.

What will the Internet of Things mean for project management?

Internet of things (IOT) has been trend of the recent time. But when Internet of Things is estimated to grow to whooping 50 billion devices in next five years, it certainly paves a strong demand for project management professionals for technological projects. Have a look at the article about project management and Internet of Things which talks about BYOD issues, security issues, fitment issues, compatibility issues and plethora of complex challenges to handle. And wherever changes and complexities are involved, the role of processes and project management discipline is important.

IT Project Management – science fiction turning into fact?

Ultimate Project Manager Guide - Fiction into reality

This article is about how fantasies portrayed few decades ago are turning into realities, as technology evolution making a paradigm shift in our day to day life, the way we have been doing things. And for businesses, IT project management is turning out to be a boon, as software industry started offering commoditized services.

  • New software as a service has drastically brought down the cost of ownership
  • Problem of technology obsolescence will be handled better than before, organizations understanding the importance of change agent
  • Multi-vendor contracting has brought down the risk associated with IT projects
  • In short the things we talked about in the past are turned into facts because of new age of IT project management.

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