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Benefits of Using Online Project Management Software

Benefits of Using Online Project Management Software

Here are ten benefits of using online project management tool tgat you should look at while evaluating project management software.

Benefits of using online project management software - Online Gantt

1. Always Available & Accessible

Available for 99.9 % of the time

Typically the new generation of cloud based online project management software is available for 99.9% of the time. Cloud based software provide may have different service level agreement (SLA) about what will be the availability of software, yet 99.9% almost serves customers round the clock.

Access using multiple devices, mechanisms

New generation of cloud based project management software are also designed for global accessibility so it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, using multiple devices like smartphone mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

2. Everyone Is Connected and On The Same Page

If an organization’s business is driven by project based methodologies, it requires common platform for its employees, vendors, customers to be connected, be informed and it requires a common dataset to work with. For geographically dispersed teams – collaboration cannot be limited in terms of email exchanges or sharing of documents. Sharing project plans-activities-timelines & ideating, discussing about issues, risks, relevant information is a basic requirement of today’s work environment.

The cloud based online project management software provide great platform to collaborate and keep everyone informed about the latest state of project (as relevant).

3. Cost Effective

Try it, evaluate it and if you are convinced, upgrade it

The interesting phenomena about SaaS based online project management software like ZilicusPM is – you can take trial of the product. One can evaluate entire product feature without having to pay during the free trial period. At the end of the trial, if you are convinced of the product/software and its usefulness for your organization you can go ahead and upgrade your account.

Low upfront cost

As mentioned earlier, online project management software like ZilicusPM are available for free trial. You need not buy hardware nor even need to install anything at your end. Thus, you do not have to pay any “big” upfront cost; unlike conventional software solutions which require provision for hardware, installation, configuration, administration and maintenance before availing benefits of using software.

4. Get The Latest

The cloud based project management tools allow you to get the benefits of latest features introduced by the software provider. Typically customers are given access to the latest features without having to upgrade or to pay for new features.

5. No Wait for Bug To be Fixed in Next Year

Because of the customer-vendor proximity of the software, the issues/bugs identified in the software can be fixed/ resolved quickly. Unlike the conventional software, where customers have to wait months (or years) for software patch to be made available, the issues/bugs in cloud based software can managed quickly. The inherent nature of the cloud based software allows vendor to fix the bugs at central place for all customers.

6. Flexibility Of Operations

Pricing of cloud based Project management tools like ZilicusPM typically is very flexible– pay only for what you use. The flexibility offered to customers is in terms of

  • Number of users
  • Types of users
  • Duration of use
  • Extent of functionality

Users can start from minimum number of users and later on, they can quickly scale to number of users as required for its business operations.

7. Simple To Use

Web 2.0 | Social media influence

Because of Web 2.0 technology (frameworks) and significant influence of social media sites, SaaS solutions are being designed to be intuitive to use, easy to navigate. Typically, good SaaS solutions are expected to have shorter learning curve, lesser training requirement hence lesser documentation, visual material requirement.

Lesser Training | Quick Learning

Typically cloud based PM tools are designed to be so simple that it should not require customers to take up training session. The project scheduling, project tracking, issue management, risk management, project resource management activities are expected to have quick learning curve.

8. Data Security & Reliability

Typically, accessing cloud based PM too like ZilicusPM is as secure doing a banking transaction. You can check whether the online project management software uses data encryption mechanism to communication information between your browser and hosted application. You can also ensure whether your data is being backed up/replicated at regular interval (every day) so that even in case of adverse situation, your data can be retrieved safely. You can find these details in SLA offered by the cloud based project management software provider.

9. Transparent Pricing

You can verify by visiting pricing pages of the cloud based PM tools that the pricing offered is transparent. e.g. ZilicusPM clearly has stated the monthly and annually subscription charges for each user. In case, vendor wants to offer discounts for large-size accounts, it may request customers to contact separately.

By and large, there are no hidden charges or fees under different headings are levied on customers unlike conventional software which normally require backup, installation, maintenance, security provisions and upgrade are to be handled separately. In case of conventional project management software customer have to bear these hidden costs. On the other side, the SaaS vendors generally take care of these aspects as part of default SaaS offering.

10. Get Started Very Quickly

For cloud based project management tool, customer need not do any installation, setup; hence customers can ‘subscribe-and-start-using’ the project management solution. If user wishes to configure online project management solution to suit his/her business requirement and if the software provider has made provisions for configuration, user can do those on the fly. But overall, customers spend much lesser time before he/she starts using SaaS solution compared to conventional software

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