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Can Project Managers Be Your Business Partners?

The way Neena thinks that organization is not appreciating/acknowledging her contributions, if project managers have similar feelings, then it is definitely not a good thing for any organization. Once we realize that project managers have a considerable impact and have contributed significantly to success of business, they should be acknowledged. Like the corporate saying goes, a good resource who adds values should not only be retained but also groomed for career progression.

What is expected in such scenario is: leadership should think about capitalizing on good project managers and maximize their performance and in turn value-addition. What are the ways business leaders can treat project management professionals? What are the ways project managers can drive business better ?

Given Them Clarity and Visibility

When project managers are given greater visibility about companies strategic directions, when they have better clarity about decisions being made, they will certainly get more involved in doing greater good for the business. It will earn more loyalty and loyal managers go extra miles to sustain business growth.

If your organization has project management office (PMO), then get PMO leads involved in decision making. If your business doesn’t have PMO, then encourage project managers to set up a project management office (PMO) or enable PMO alike functioning.

The whole idea of involving project managers in this process is to enable them see the bigger picture and realign efforts and synergies.

Delegation/Authority to Act

There are good number of research and findings that clearly suggest how delegation of authority helps in elevating involvement and interest of employees. When a business leader wants to seamlessly execute his/her strategy, it is prudent to empower the next level leadership to make their own decisions. Such enabler gives project managers to apply their minds for best possible outcome and use their own discretion to make decisions about projects: resources, cost, risks, timeline, customer engagement, etc.

Celebrate Early Wins, Small Successes

project managers as business partners: celebrating small successes

Managing project is a daunting task, it is rigorous and demanding process throughout the lifecycle of a project. Celebrating early wins, smaller successes will acknowledge the work done by project teams. They will realize the importance of the work they are doing and getting acknowledged by management. Project manager would like to facilitate such celebrations to recognize team efforts.

Support Them during Adversaries

Not every decision taken by project managers, PMO leads will bear fruit or lead to success. There will be failures and tricky situations. It is important for a business leader or management team to stand by the project managers taking such decisions. The sense of backing/ support by management will assure them that management has assumed project managers have applied best of their minds with available information for the best outcome for organizations.

project managers as business partners: supporting their decisions

When senior management clearly understand that the deliverable by project team has considerable impact for customer’s business and work done project managers and his/her project team will earn customer delight, appreciating project professionals becomes obvious step. Once you realize this, you know that project managers are your business partners and you know how to treat your business partners.

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