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Early Preview of Project Management Software – ZilicusPM 6.1, The Latest Release

Early Preview of Project Management Software – ZilicusPM 6.1, The Latest Release Zilicus, cloud based solution provider of award winning project management software  – ZilicusPM, will be releasing next minor version – ZilicusPM 6.1. I am really excited to share early preview of ZilicusPM 6.1. This is a version is expected to address our existing customers’...CONTINUE READING
Project Management Software ZilicusPM 5.1 Released

Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 5.1 Launched

Zilicus, the provider of award winning online project management software – ZilicusPM, launched its latest version ZilicusPM 5.1. In the latest version it enhanced resource management, collaborative project planning and advance time tracking feature along with  improved integration with Google Docs® . Houston, TX, Nov, 26th 2012 – Zilicus Solutions, the leading provider of cloud based...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM Announced Winner in Project Management Software Election 2012

Online project management software leader ZilicusPM, recognized as the winner of Project Management Software contest beating more than 55 well known project management solutions.   Houston, Texas – Nov 09, 2012: Zilicus Solutions, a leading provider of online project management software has been elected as the President of Project Management Software industry. ZilicusPM’s resounding victory in...CONTINUE READING

AWS Summit 2012 | Navigating the Cloud in Mumbai

  This week I attended AWS Summit 2012 | Navigate the Cloud organized by Amazon Web Services in Mumbai, IN. We have been using AWS cloud to host our own solution: ZilicusPM – online project management software , and we are pretty happy with AWS service so far. It has provided us 99.99% of the...CONTINUE READING