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Project Management and IT Governance (Part-I)

Project Management and IT Governance The evolution of Information Technology (IT) in last few decades has been incredible. It started as purely experimental journey to purely support mechanism, now IT is virtually present in every domain and all walks of life. Even mission critical systems like NASA missions or ISRO missions would not been possible...CONTINUE READING

Is Your Project Management Process Broken?

Is Your Project Management Process Broken? We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know At first when you hear this statement, it will sound ambiguous (like Donald Rumsfeld said or Dan, the CIA officer in Zero Dark Thirty said). But let’s talk it in terms of project management. If you don’t have well set project management...CONTINUE READING

EHS Software | Ensure Environment, Health, Safety Compliance

Ensuring Environment, Health and Safety Compliance using ZilicusPM EHS Software Today the business ecosystem are changing, in terms of expectations of customers, employees, shareholders as well as the stakeholders including government and statutory agencies. Today organizations need to identify, understand, and ensure compliance with a multiple legal, statutory requirements. All over the world, it is...CONTINUE READING