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Project Management Software – Microsoft SharePoint: Advantages, Limitations, Alternatives

Couple of years ago, Microsoft in “Future of SharePoint” event [1] claimed to have more than 200000 organization using SharePoint, its partners and developer community make up $10 billion worth of ecosystem. Well, I was not at all surprised. Microsoft has a global reach, marquee mid/enterprise customers  across the world using its products. Its integrated...CONTINUE READING
Software Project Management - Activities & Roles

Back2Basics: Software Project Management: Activities and Roles

We introduced you to software project management process in the first part of this series. Let’s look at software project management activities involved and the critical role of a project manager in delivering IT projects. Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple Constraints in Software Project Management Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple constraint is a well known phenomena...CONTINUE READING

Project Management and IT Governance (Part-I)

Project Management and IT Governance The evolution of Information Technology (IT) in last few decades has been incredible. It started as purely experimental journey to purely support mechanism, now IT is virtually present in every domain and all walks of life. Even mission critical systems like NASA missions or ISRO missions would not been possible...CONTINUE READING

Resolution for Better Project Collaboration (Project Management Recap)

Resolutions for Better Project Collaboration:- Though resolutions typically meant as new year resolution here are timeless resolution for better project collaboration. Organization can decentralize/delegate administration and management using a collaboration platform In today’s work environment, it is plain mistake if you do not have a centralized project schedule/task management platform. If you don’t have centralized...CONTINUE READING

Being Ultimate Project Manager – Lessons to Learn (Project Management Recap)

Being Ultimate Project Manager – Lessons to Learn (Project Management Recap) Here is the project management recap to help project management professionals to manage project more effectively, smartly and with more productivity. Lessons to learn to be Ultimate Project manager Almost every project management professional wants to be the champion project manager or the ultimate...CONTINUE READING

Can You Skip System Integration Testing, Management Support in Enterprise IT Projects

System Integration Testing and Management Support for Enterprise IT Projects We can easily relate how indispensable are Technical leadership Project management processes and Lean project management approach along with Project governance and clear decision making hierarchy for better management of enterprise IT projects. If you need a right a drive/push for all things mentioned above...CONTINUE READING

Managing Enterprise IT Project : Lean Approach, Project Governance

Managing Enterprise IT Project : Lean Approach, Project Governance Once you have technical as well as project leadership for your projects and deliberated about project management processes to follow, you will also have check whether you will follow traditional project management approach or agile or hybrid. Also one has to understand that project governance is...CONTINUE READING

Managing Enterprise IT Project : Project Management Process, Technical Leadership

Managing Enterprise IT Project: Sound Project Management Process, Technical Leadership Having looked at the changing dynamics of enterprise IT projects and statistics of project failure as well as success of enterprise IT projects, it is quite logical to look at the reasons why enterprise IT projects failed or what were the reasons for those enterprise...CONTINUE READING