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Should Project Managers Consider Investing in Executive Leadership Training Program?

As a manager should you invest in executive leadership coaching? Yes, Coaching helps leaders gain more emotional intelligence; it enables them to have greater empathy and self-awareness. With external support, executives participating in coaching become more aware of their impact on others; they learn to self-identify problems & design solutions and develop skills to transform...CONTINUE READING
10 Things Great Managers Do

10 Things GREAT Managers Do

10 Things GREAT Managers Do Employees crib about their bosses. That’s a common and undocumented phenomena seen at workplace. There is no denying about it. But it would be a bigger problem if others perceive you as a mediocre manager. We know it even when colleagues, subordinates don’t say things on our face. If you...CONTINUE READING

The Week That Was: In Project Management and Managing Remote Teams

After a brief hiatus I got the opportunity to look at what is keeping world readers engaged about project management, productivity, leadership. Let’s look at some of those interesting articles. 6 Mistakes With Remote Project Teams Bruce Harpham of PMI Southern Ontario Chapter has written about the mistakes that happens while managing remote project teams....CONTINUE READING

Why Decisions Get Second-Guessed, Project Management Roundup

Why Decisions Get Second-Guessed, and What to Do About It Img src: http://uriellight.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Decision-Making-Strategies-590×400.jpg In this Harvard Business Review article about decision making, authors question why decisions are second guessed and what should we do about it. As a leader you would like your well thought decisions to prevail and work well, not to get questioned...CONTINUE READING

Global Leadership & Global Competitiveness Project Management Weekly Roundup

Global Leadership & Global Competitiveness Are You a Global Leaders Who Can Drive Global Competitiveness of Your Business? Take a look at this interesting article that talks about different aspects a global leadership need to master to lead his/her company through global competition. Recent ZilicusPM project management software blog about global leadership talks about what...CONTINUE READING

Project Manager Wishlist in 2015

Project Manager Wishlist 2015 If you have been reading ZilicusPM blog, then you have probably read project manager wishlist for 2013. Though from project manager’s perspective things might have changed a bit in the last two years, the essence has remained more or less the same. I am sure, as project management professionals, we have...CONTINUE READING

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part-III)

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part III) In earlier posts we looked at team formation process, the first couple of points to build a high performing team. Let’s look at other aspects to build a group that delivers team performance. 3. Alignment of Aspirations, Skills You throw any mission at your...CONTINUE READING

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part-II)

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part-II) The lifecycle of team formation moves from ‘Forming, Storming, Norming and then Performing’. We have seen what it means to be in Forming and Storming stage of team formation in first post, let’s look at next phases and next rule to build high performing team....CONTINUE READING

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part-I)

6 Important Rules to Build a High Performing Team (Part-I) High performing team does not deliver high performance without its leader. I mean high performing team can only be miracle if there is no conscious effort. Let’s look at how high performing team evolves Leadership is about creating next level of leaders. I am sure...CONTINUE READING

Gear Up Your Team to Manage Project Deadline (Part – II)

Gear Up Your Team to Manage Project Deadline In the first part of Gear Up Your Team To Manage Project Deadline, we looked at how project manager needs to identify exact resource-mix in his/her project team and act accordingly. In this part lets see how a project manager can create enabling environment for project team...CONTINUE READING