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5 Principles of Successful Project Management (I)

5 Principles of Successful Project Management (Part-I) Like sales and accounting are inherent part of doing any business, these days project management has become must-practice ingredient of any business, be it about new product launches, new product development, internal process improvement or technology implementation, plant setup, construction, external marketing activity, sales drive or recruitment drive/hiring...CONTINUE READING

7 Ways to Manage Projects Better (Infographics)

7 Ways to Manage Projects Better And More Effectively Project management is a complex and challenging discipline. Lot of project management professionals find it interesting because of the challenges it involves. There are planning challenges, financials challenges, resources issues, risks and now we are also talking about portfolio management office with strategic alignment focus. Yet...CONTINUE READING
Ready For Next Generation Project Managers

Are Your Ready To Be The Next Generation Project Manager

There are interesting stories of great project managers who turned around the project situation amazingly with their skills and experiences. Those who are transformed from Good to Great Project Managers, the capable ones, with-hands-on-experience can really bring the difference to the topline & bottomline performance of an organization. Now the business challenges are multi-fold and...CONTINUE READING

Resolution for Better Project Collaboration (Project Management Recap)

Resolutions for Better Project Collaboration:- Though resolutions typically meant as new year resolution here are timeless resolution for better project collaboration. Organization can decentralize/delegate administration and management using a collaboration platform In today’s work environment, it is plain mistake if you do not have a centralized project schedule/task management platform. If you don’t have centralized...CONTINUE READING

Managing Enterprise IT Project : Lean Approach, Project Governance

Managing Enterprise IT Project : Lean Approach, Project Governance Once you have technical as well as project leadership for your projects and deliberated about project management processes to follow, you will also have check whether you will follow traditional project management approach or agile or hybrid. Also one has to understand that project governance is...CONTINUE READING

Project Manager Wishlist in 2015

Project Manager Wishlist 2015 If you have been reading ZilicusPM blog, then you have probably read project manager wishlist for 2013. Though from project manager’s perspective things might have changed a bit in the last two years, the essence has remained more or less the same. I am sure, as project management professionals, we have...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Findings and Tips

Project Management Findings and Tips Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. – Edmund Burke. Quite interesting quote. And if we think of it, in terms of project management and yet we keep ignoring project management findings of research, survey, it is quite likely that we will keep repeat the project failure...CONTINUE READING