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Software Project Management - Activities & Roles

Back2Basics: Software Project Management: Activities and Roles

We introduced you to software project management process in the first part of this series. Let’s look at software project management activities involved and the critical role of a project manager in delivering IT projects. Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple Constraints in Software Project Management Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple constraint is a well known phenomena...CONTINUE READING
Project Management Software ZilicusPM 11.1 Released

Gain More Efficiency with Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 11.1

Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 11.1 Launched – Introduces Project Planning Hacks Zilicus, the leading provider of project management tool ZilicusPM, launched the latest version of its project management tool ZilicusPM 11.1. In the latest version of ZilicusPM, Zilicus has introduced a feature to enable project managers to write down/document project scope, project requirements, project reviews...CONTINUE READING

Waterfall / Traditional or Agile Project Management Approach? Which one is right for you? – Part II

Traditional or Agile Project Management Approach? Which one is right for you? There are certain principles and differences between agile and traditional project management approaches. We looked at those in previous post Waterfall / Traditional or Agile Project Management Approach? We should also understand that purest form of traditional (or heavy) or agile project management...CONTINUE READING

Agile Vs Waterfall Project Management Approach

Agile Vs Waterfall Project Management Approach Whether you are a seasoned project manager (right from those DOS based systems days) or budding project manager, you can’t have no-opinion about agile vs waterfall project management debate. Pretty often you would come across the question “Which project management model do you use”; And we know that the...CONTINUE READING

The week that was in Project Management (16-23 March 2014)

The Week That Was in Project Management – Good PM | HBR Article, Demand for Good PMs Three imperatives of good project manager: Eric Knight in this HBR blog shared experiences of senior executive and experienced project leaders to ensure projects are managed effectively. Three tips are highlighted by experienced project managers interviewed by Eric....CONTINUE READING

Dos and Don’ts of Project Management

Dos and Don’ts of Project Management Managing Dos Don’ts Project Management Process Depending on organization’s business fit, bring-in processes to streamline project delivery process and make it less risky, more predictable and repeatable · Understand that there will be resistance to new processes or change to existing processes. You need to build right set of...CONTINUE READING

8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects

8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects Project management is certainly not a new phenomenon; our ancestors have been doing it since ages, though it used to be informal project management (without calling it so). It is in the last century that project management became formal with standards and compliance laid out by regulatory bodies and...CONTINUE READING

4 Types of Stress Project Manager Faces and How PM Can Manage Stress

4 Types of Stress Project Manager Faces and How PM Can Manage Stress Fellow project managers, let’s take a step back and think about it – broadly what type of stress do you have to face and then what are the typical situations which puts you under pressure. Dr. Karl Albrecht, renowned management consultant has defined four common types...CONTINUE READING

10 Project Management Mistakes That Fail a Project

10 Most Typical Mistakes That Lead To Project Failure Project managers know it, the history and statistics are not on their side. But once you know of typical mistakes that lead to project failure, and if you are able to avoid those mistakes, you can ensure projects can be delivered successfully Mistakes That Lead to...CONTINUE READING

This week in Project Management (04-11 March 2013)

1.       The Dirty Little Secret of Project Management The Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog – authors Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, and Brad Angus have succinctly outlined the uncertainty in project management deliverables as well as the difference between software project management and engineering/construction project management and the impact of the delay in deliverables of respective domain....CONTINUE READING