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Early Preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 8.1

Zilicus, cloud based solution collaboration provider of the best online project management software – ZilicusPM, will be releasing new and enhanced version ZilicusPM 8.1.

I am happy to share the preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 8.1 here. As requested by our customers and partners, the latest version of ZilicusPM makes it more appealing for customers who prefer to view their project information in German language interface. It also offer many enhancements and new features to effectively manage –  project timesheet, project expenses, project resource management, collaboration and general project management.

Preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 8.1


  • ZilicusPM is now available in German language interface


  • Selectively enable team members to modify schedule
  • Use project management features/modules of your choice
  • Copy timesheet entries from previous week
  • Expense sheet report with PDF export (including receipt images)
  • Task assignment email – parent task name included
  • Team member name shown in individual timesheet approval page
  • 12 Caribbean countries added to the list
  • Order of discussion post updated on home page
  • Edit Custom Reports

ZilicusPM available in German language

I’d attribute it to the growing demand from our customers and resellers for German language interface of ZilicusPM, we are really excited to introduce ZilicusPM, project management software with German language interface. Here is a preview screenshot of the same

Selectively enable team members to modify schedule

This version will make it even simpler for project manager to elevate team member’s privilege to “modify project schedule”. It takes just one click for project manager to enable a given team member to modify project schedule.

Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 8.1: Allow Team Members to Edit Project Schedule

Allow Team Members to Edit Project Schedule

Select project management module/ functionality of your choice
Now you have flexibility to use features/modules of your choice. Some of our customers wanted to have simple interface or rather they want to see functionality with ZilicusPM which they actually use and nothing else. In ZilicusPM 8.1, administrator will be able to select modules/functionality of his choice and all users in that account will be to view/use only those features of ZilicusPM. The following screenshot will show you, how to select module(s). Project scheduling, task tracking, resource management are default functionality available however customers can decide whether to use/span

Configure Project Management Software Features / Modules

Copy timesheet entries from previous week

Some users have set of timesheet activities that keeps repeating almost every week or in the least case, similar to previous week. This enhancement will allow them to copy timesheet entries from previous week and to replicate/duplicate the same in current week. You will also have a choice to enter additional timesheet entries.

Copy Project Timesheet From Previous Week using ZilicusPM Time Tracking Software

Edit custom report

Custom report functionality has been improved further to allow users to modify existing custom report, so that you do not need to start all over again.

Export Expenses Report to PDF containing expense receipts

Export to PDF feature has been added for individual’s approved expense reports such that exported expense report will show receipt images uploaded by users. Sample report is as follows.

Project Expenses Report With Receipt Using Project Expense Management Software ZilicusPM

Include parent task name in task assignment email

Some users who update tasks over email wanted to see parent task name of the currently assigned task. The email notification sent to users has been updated to show parent task name if available.

12 Caribbean and more countries added in the selection list

Few customers who have their customers located in Caribbean countries wanted to select specific countries while inviting their customers in ZilicusPM. The list of countries has been updated with these Caribbean countries and others too.

Order of discussion post shown on home page

The order of discussion posts show on user home page has been corrected to show the most recent post at the top. Earlier it was showing latest replies to existing discussion on the top, but in this version the order of discussion posts has also been corrected in descending order of creation time.

Give it a try, you can get a risk free 30-days trial of the best project management software

If you would like to manage projects effectively, ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as project manager but also for your team members (simplicity), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial  and experience simpler project planning, tracking with Gantt chart, resource capacity planning, budget and cost management, timesheet and expenses tracking, issue tracking, risk management, document management and lot more.

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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