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Early Preview of Project Management Software – ZilicusPM 6.2, The Latest Release

Zilicus, cloud based solution provider of award winning online project management software  – ZilicusPM, will be releasing another minor version – ZilicusPM 6.2.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

Here is a preview of ZilicusPM 6.2. In this minor version of ZilicusPM, we have introduced more enhancements based on customer feedback and few minor bug fixes.

Assign Tasks To Customers

ZilicusPM already lets you collaborate with your customer. Customer users can be invited to your projects in ZilicusPM. Now ZilicusPM will be enhancing this collaboration to next level and you will be able to assign tasks to your customer users along with your team members.

Once task is assigned to customer users, they will receive email notification with details of the task. They can login and update the task.

Assign Project Tasks to Customer Users

Assign Tasks to Customer Users

Print Gantt Chart and Export Project Schedule to Excel

If you would like to print Gantt chart and analyze it offline — or discuss it during a meeting? ZilicusPM can let you print Gantt chart. If you would like to print it to a physical printer, you can very well do that. If you would like to save it as a PDF file, you can use Google Chrome to save the Gantt chart and project schedule to a pdf file.

Print Project Schedule - Gantt Chart; Save as PDF

Print Project Schedule – Gantt Chart

You can also save the project schedule as excel/spreadsheet. This exported file will contain real time status of the project schedule.

Export Project Task Schedule To Excel Spreadsheet

Export Project Task Schedule To Excel Spreadsheet

Export Risk Register to excel/spreadsheet

You can export risk register to excel spreadsheet. This file will also contain custom fields, contingency plan and other details. You can use this exported risk register for auditory or compliance submission purpose. Since such exported risk register provides you all important details of all project risks, you can share it with your stakeholders as well.

One can sort, filter project risks based on status, probability, impact, and various other aspects of risk.

Online Project Risk Register

Online Project Risk Register

Email Preference for New Task Comments

Sometimes team members would like to be notified exclusively through emails about new comments added  project tasks. Hence this is a quick enhancement for those customers who wished to be notified for new comments added to project tasks.

Once this preference is set, whenever a comment is added to tasks, team members to whom the task is assigned will receive email notification and the email will be copied to respective project manager.

Project Task Comments - Collaboration

Project Task Comment Email Preference

Enhanced Project Portfolio – Timesheet Report

Timesheet report at portfolio level has been improved to let you filter reports for date range, projects, and resources for which you would like to view reports.

Project Portfolio Report for Timesheet

Project Portfolio Report for Timesheet

Resource Load Check

Before you assign tasks to your project team member, you can check how far a resource is loaded at a given time. Now this ‘what-if’ way of knowing resource load has been enhanced to show you daywise load for the duration of a given task. It will certainly help you in making an informed decision.

Project Resource Load - Capacity Check

Project Resource Load – Capacity Check

Filter Portfolio Reports

This version of ZilicusPM has also introduced, portfolio level filtering for – Portfolio Status Report as well as Project Variance Report. Thus you can view reports only for those project(s) which you would like to view.

Project Portfolio Reports - Filtering/Selection

Project Portfolio Reports – Filtering/Selection

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.



About Zilicus

Zilicus offers All-In-One project management software ZilicusPM that provides complete project management control for project and portfolio managers; at the same time makes it really simple for project team members to stay on top of things. If you have been managing projects with conventional spreadsheet/ MS Excel templates or emails, it is the right time to start using online project portfolio management software. ZilicusPM is great platform for better project collaboration. Take a screenshot tour of project management software tour of ZilicusPM and Sign up for 30-days free trial of project management software ZilicusPM

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