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Early Preview of Project Management Tool : ZilicusPM 9.0

Early Preview of Project Management Tool : ZilicusPM 9.0

Zilicus, cloud based collaboration solution provider of the best project management toolZilicusPM, will be launching ZilicusPM on-the-go, smartphone app

I am happy to share a preview of ZilicusPM 9.0 here. This version of ZilicusPM project management tool brings mobile (smartphone & tablet) app to make it easier for you. It will make it quicker to know your project activities and update those on the go. The realities of projects with schedule inter-dependence can be set in the latest version. Of course, there are plenty new features and enhancement to simplify your project management experience.

Project-Portfolio-Dashboard-ZilicusPM-Project-Management-software-Tablet-App Project-Portfolio-Dashboard-ZilicusPM-Project-Management-tool-Tablet-App

Major Update

  • Smartphone & tablet app for Android & Apple-iOS devices
  • Better control over inter-departmental/inter-project dependencies
  • Greater visibility & management of project resources


  • Migration to Google OAuth2
  • New billing reports to track project billability (topline)
  • Gantt chart re-orientation, positioning to current timeline

ZilicusPM Smartphone and Tablet Apps

To make it easier for project team to view & update project activities on the go ZilicusPM was available on mobile as mobile enabled web-interface. This version will enable them to download and use ZilicusPM distinctly for Google Android and Apple iOS based smartphone and tablet. Soon it will be made available at Google Store and Apple Store for you to download & use.

Let’s see how project team can use ZilicusPM project management tool smartphone (android, iphone) app

  • View project dashboard, portfolio dashboard and get visibility into project status
  • Know pending tasks assigned to you, update those tasks, add comment
  • Enter timesheet details for tasks, issues and risks user is working on
  • Add expenses to your tasks – you can even take a photo of bills from your phone from within app & it gets attached as a receipt to your expense sheet
  • Skim through the list of projects accessible to you, get deeper to know more (like project status, task, risk, issue dashboard, all tasks status, etc)

Here are few screenshot of the ZilicusPM project management tool’s tablet app.

ZilicusPM Project Management Tool iPad App Home ZilicusPM-


Manage Project Expenses Using project management tool ZilicusPM New Expense ZilicusPM project management tool

Greater control over project schedule, manage inter-project dependencies

In real world, project manager need to work with other departments & other project teams. ZilicusPM facilitates such inter-dependency between projects’ schedule. One can set inter-dependence between tasks belonging to different projects.

Set Interproject Dependenct Select Task Using ZilicusPM Project Management Tool

Now project planner can not only check predecessor tasks but also know all of its successor tasks. It help project manager to assess potential impact of changing schedule of a given task on other tasks (same or other project) at one place.

Better management of project resources

Replace Virtual User WIth Actual Team Member using ZilicusPM project management tool

While planning a project manager can keep assigning tasks to virtual (generic) user like ‘Developer’ or “Engineer’. But when it is a time to kick off project, you need a real project team member to take up these activities. Now the advanced capabilities in project management tool ZilicusPM lets you replace virtual resource with actual team member with just couple of clicks.

Migration to Google OAuth2

ZilicusPM is already well integrated with Google Apps. The latest version has migrated this integration to use higher version – “Google OAth2“ of Authorization standard.

New Billing Reports

Now you can generate billing reports grouped by project or customer. Based on timesheet details and billing rate of individual resources, this billing information report is generated. It will help you to generate invoice for your customers.

Other enhancements, bug fixes which are going to be part of this release are

  • Project Reports containing Japanese characters will show up in PDF exports
  • By default Gantt chart timeline will be positioned to today’s date instead of project start date
  • Expense sheet name, can be included in custom expense report

Update 1: Google Play Store The smartphone and tablet application of ZilicusPM project management app is available at Google Play Store

Update 2: Apple App StoreThe smartphone and tablet application of ZilicusPM project management app is available at Apple iTune Store

If you would like to manage projects effectively, you will need a project management tool that will work for your organization, for your team, for your customer, for your stakeholders. We can help you in selecting the right project management tool for you. ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as a project manager (for its completeness) but also for your team members (for its simplicity & ease of use), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.

Note: The brands and trademarks mentioned above (like Google Play, Android, Apple iTune store, etc) belong to respective companies.

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