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Preview of Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0

Preview of Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0

Online project management software ZilicusPM, will be released as new and enhanced version ZilicusPM 7.0 in the next week. We are happy to share a preview of Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0 here. This improved version of ZilicusPM, will introduce new reports, new resource types, unique way of work assignments to resources, better collaboration over email and lot more.

Generic Resource | Virtual Resource

What is Generic Resource?

Typically, when a project manager is creating project plan / schedule, s/he may not have clear idea – exactly who is going to work on a given project task. Roughly PM knows what kind of work a given task involves, which skill set are required and kind of resource can work on a given task, how much/ how far that resource will be assigned work.

ZilicusPM addresses this problem and relieves project manager of this concern. User can add Generic Resources (like Architect, Creative Designer or Electrician, etc.) to projects. These resources can have cost rate, billing rate, resource load etc. Project manager can keep assigning tasks to generic resource and knows what will be overall duration of project (schedule), estimated cost of the project etc. When the project is actually kicked off, and resources are identified, project manager can replace generic resource with actual (real) resource.

Looking at the resource load chart and task assigned to generic resource, project manager can judiciously assign tasks to appropriate real resources, based on real resources’ availability. The resource load report can also help project manager/resource manager to decide whether current resources are enough to carry out project or he/she need to hire more resources for upcoming/prospective client projects.

Adding generic resources in Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0

Adding generic resources in ZilicusPM


The screenshot below shows how will the resource load chart looks like for generic resource

Resource load report showing Generic Resources in Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0 Resource load report showing Generic Resources

Astute Control over Efforts Assignment to Resources for Project Tasks

ZilicusPM offers you a very unique capability to manage task assignment to resources in very refined manner. Very very few project management software allow you to define percentage allocation of resource at a task level. ZilicusPM lets you specify how much percentage of the resource time, you would like to allocate to a given task’s duration.

% Resource Allocation at Task Level using Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0

% Resource Allocation at Task Level

Once you assign task to resources, you can see what is current load (because of current task assignment) and what total load for is given resource for each day across all projects.

Task Assignment, Resource Workload in Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM7.0

Task Assignment, Resource Workload

Refined Daywise Work Assignment

For advance users and especially in case of professional services organizations like consulting organization (where resources are working on multiple projects simultaneously), ZilicusPM provides truly unique capability to allocate efforts for each resource for each day of the task. No other online project management software provides such a useful feature.

It is really useful in all those cases, where a given resource may be occupied on some days and it is available in discrete quantum (number of hours) on other days for the duration of a given task. Project manager can look at resources’ load across all projects each day and accordingly specify work allocation per day for a given task.


Refined Daywise Work Assignment

Additional reports

ZilicusPM will introduce new set of reports (for individual user as well as project and portfolio managers, depending on access, privilege). There will be additional reports about project status, portfolio status, task, issues, risks, timesheet, resources, project financials;

You can check a sample report here. One can notice that the reports are interactive, one can click on bars as well as bookmark in left; plus individual task/issue can be clicked and navigated to.

ZilicusPM Project Management Software – Sample Report

Update Task Status via Email

The upcoming version of ZilicusPM will allow team members to update task progress via email, without having to login to ZilicusPM. The task assignment email notification sent to users will have button with predefined links (each for updating progress to 25%, 50%, 75% and marking task as complete). The links are crafted such that it will leave very little chance of user error (i.e. user need not have to enter any details to update task progress). Users just need to click on links provided in the task assignment email; and it will open compose email window, with auto-populated value of send-to field. Team members just have to send that email.

There may be few exceptions of Microsoft outlook versions where these links may not work, in that case, users need to copy the specified email ids to SendTo field and send. That’s it.

Update Task Status via Email using ZilicusPM Project Management Software


Because few versions of Microsoft Outlook at times, do not show task related calendar invite properly (you can check Microsoft Problem here). The newer version of ZilicusPM enhances assignment email sent to users. New email notifications sent to users shows calendar invite along with task details in the same email.

Approval Tab for Project Manager

Project managers will be able to view pending approval requests on their ZilicusPM home page. A new tab on home page which is accessible to project managers, show pending timesheet/ expenses approval requests submitted by their project team members.

Note: In the latest version, project/ portfolio manager can check review project approval requests.

Project-Manager's Tab showing Pending Approval Notification

Project-Manager’s Tab showing Pending Approval Notification

New Task Estimation Types

While creating project schedule, project managers need to consider whether a given task will

  • Require certain duration irrespective of number of resources or
  • Require certain number of efforts (hrs) irrespective of duration of task
  • Requires certain duration as well as certain efforts

In the new version, ZilicusPM will be introducing new task estimation type as “Fixed Duration and Fixed Work”.

Project Task Estimation Types in ZilicusPM

Project Task Estimation Types in ZilicusPM

Please refer to following table to understand what factor will decide as you change project schedule, add/remove resources, change efforts for a given task estimation type. Remember the equation that will always hold true is

Duration x Resource Units = Efforts

Estimation Type

When You Change Duration, what changes?

When you change % allocation what changes?

When you change work, what changes?

When you add a resource, what changes?

Fixed Duration  



% allocation


Fixed work

% allocation




Fixed Duration and work

% allocation


% allocation

% allocation


So there will be additional new enhancements as well as few bug fixed. We are confident that our customers will be really happy and excited to use latest features introduced in ZilicusPM7.0..

If you would like to manage projects effectively, ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as project manager but also for your team members (simplicity), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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