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Early Preview of Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.4

Early Preview of project management tool ZilicusPM 9.4

Zilicus, the provider of the best project management toolZilicusPM, will be launching ZilicusPM 9.4. The newest version will introduce amazingly simple Inline Editing of project schedule along with many other enhancements to improve experience for project managers and team members

Here is a quick preview of ZilicusPM 9.4

Important Update

  • Inline Editing of Project Schedule
  • Shortcut Navigation to Project Schedule
  • Reorganization of Task Details
  • Maximize Gantt View
  • Expand All/Collapse All Buttons for project schedule
  • Online Guide and Support Ticketing System


Super simple way to plan, manage schedule – Inline Editing of Project Schedule

We have listened to you and in ZilicusPM 9.4, we are making it really simple for project managers and project planners to plan, change & manage project schedule with all-new ‘Inline Editing’ of project schedule. You will find a distinct place in project workspace to perform Inline Editing. Please refer to screenshot below and you will realize how simple it is to

– Add new tasks

– Add sub-tasks

– Change task name, task dates, duration, resources, status and completion level

Simply click on the task name and task name will become editable; same way simple click on task start date will prompt you to select a new date. Changing task resources – adding new or removing existing resources assigned to task is incredibly easy now.

We are confident that ‘Inline Editing’ functionality will get extensively used. We believe it appeals to all those project managers who want to create simple straight forward project schedule like one created using spreadsheet.

Especially project managers who didn’t want to worry about task dependency, resource load, task estimation type, etc will find it immensely useful.

Inline Editing of Project Plan in ZilicusPM project management tool

One thing I should highlight here is: Tasks created using inline editing will have task estimation type as ‘Fixed Duration’ and resource assignment will be done with allocation level as per individual resource default allocation at project level.

Advance Task Details – Reorganized for Better View, Access

This version has also introduced minor user-interface change to task details panel. We have reorganized the task details panel making it simple to access, to navigate and easy on eyes.

Documents attached to tasks and issues, risks related to tasks will be shown in same tab/sub-section named ‘Attached Documents & Items’.

Task Details Section in ZilicusPM project management tool

Better Visibility With Maximizable Gantt View

In order to provide a better view of Gantt chart and task information, we have introduced sizing option for Gantt window. One can maximize this view and get to see task-list with Gantt chart within an enlarged view. One can toggle the same button to resize it, back to original viewing size.


Maximize Task List, Gantt View in ZilicusPM project management tool

Better Tracking With Expand All/Collapse All Buttons

Project planners and managers can expand and collapse all tasks for a given project schedule, using new option provided on Gantt chart screen.

Collapse All Tasks Option Gantt Chart in ZilicusPM project management tool


Online Guide and Support Ticketing System

The newest version will also introduce online guide and support ticketing system. It is going to be amazingly easy for ZilicusPM users to access help guide. They can explore entire help guide – online, search for specific topic.

ZilicusPM users can now also create new tickets using new Support & Ticketing System. Attaching images, screenshot and other files will be easy. Users can respond to existing tickets simply replying to ticket-email.

We really hope new Online-Guide and Support Ticketing system will improve your experience of using ZilicusPM, right from the beginning.

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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