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Tips for Effective Project Management - Monitoring & Controlling Projects

Tips for Effective Project Management – Monitoring and Controlling Projects

Tips For Effective Project Management – Monitoring and Controlling Projects

Once project is planned well, the best thing project manager can hope for, is: deliver project on time, within budget. But in this real world, things don’t happen automatically. You have to put in efforts and make things happen. That’s where project monitoring and project control come into play. Project monitoring enables stakeholders to clearly know if things are progressing as expected or not. Based on project monitored information project managers, executives to make decisions about projects – whether to add more resources, request extension, add budget, billing, etc.

By the way, project monitoring and project controlling are two different things. But for both of these important aspects of effectively managing projects, organisation should set key performance indicators KPIs for project manager, projects and team, department as well. As they say,

Effective Project Management - Monitoring Project KPIs

If you want to know whether project has been successful, you must set success parameters, KPIs at every stage of projects so that you can get early warning indicator and act swiftly to get things done rightly. There is no better way to monitor project than using project management tools. Using Excel or MS Project to track project is no longer any right or productive approach.

Now the part of ‘acting swiftly’ mentioned above in other words called project controlling. Project controlling involves various aspects such as

  • Scope Verification and Change Control
  • Schedule Control
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Control
  • Incident Control
  • Performance Reporting
  • Contract Control

Take look at few pointers the infographics below to effectively manage project by monitoring and controlling it.

Tips for Effective Project Management - Monitoring & Controlling Projects


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If you haven’t been using PM tool yet and looking for a project management software, refer this guide to select the right project management tool for your team. You can as well refer this list of best project management software available in the market.

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