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EHS Software | Ensure Environment, Health, Safety Compliance

Ensuring Environment, Health and Safety Compliance using ZilicusPM EHS Software

Today the business ecosystem are changing, in terms of expectations of customers, employees, shareholders as well as the stakeholders including government and statutory agencies. Today organizations need to identify, understand, and ensure compliance with a multiple legal, statutory requirements. All over the world, it is apparent to see that stakeholder anticipates more & more transparency and accountability; at the same time statutory and regulatory compliance requirements are becoming more rigorous.

Online EHS software

At Zilicus, as we interact with customers, we have realized that organizations are using technology solutions to identify applicable Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements. Using a technological solutions to manage EHS requirements give these organization an edge over their competitors, help them be compliant as well as competitive.

Essentially the challenges faced by organizations are multi-fold – plethora of EHS regulations, compliance, identifying the relevant ones for their business and how these compliance will impact their products, services and business operations. It also involves organizing and managing information at regular intervals, enabling whole organization to access right set of information with right set of privileges. Thus to enable this gamut of complexity, organizations need solutions to manage audit process, share best practices, document incidents and risks/hazards, escalate to right authority to ensure safety of people, ensure continuing and sustained operations and achieve business objectives. And these systems are expected to be cost effective without having to justify any capital intensive requirements.

Keeping in mind, the challenges faced by organizations, Zilicus offers an online solution to manage EHS compliance.

ZilicusPM is integrated online solution to plan and coordinate safety, health and environment (EHS) activities like risks management, incident management, team communication and projects – tasks schedule, budget and delegation. Essentially ZilicusPM helps you in managing safety, health and environment initiatives in your organization, enables you to be audit/compliance ready with data set of reports and dashboard

Benefits of Using EHS Software

v One central place to ensure compliance management

v Ensure transparency and accountability among stakeholders

v Incredibly simple to use and easy to access

Features of EHS Software

Central Repository for Knowledge base

ZilicusPM lets you consolidate knowledge base with policies, guideline and procedures documents. Organize and share files with your team using web-folders, manage document versions and labels.

Proactive Risk Management

Great leaders foresee risks and they act well before facing those. Proactive risk management is the key to ensure uninterrupted and smooth business operations. ZilicusPM empowers team member to raise risks in a central, online risk register; ZilicusPM immediately highlight those for manager’s review – thereby deciding risk probability, impact, and response strategy.

Incident Management

Despite excellent risk planning and monitoring, incidents may occur. ZilicusPM equips your team to easily and quickly highlight incidents. Project manager and higher management can quickly refer incident tracker – reports and dashboard for escalation or appropriate resolution.

Organize and Track Meetings

Get rid of the pain of organizing meetings, locating minutes of meeting, tracking action items through email, folders. ZilicusPM has excellent central meeting manager that enables scheduling of meetings, inviting participants, sharing agenda, creating minutes of meeting & action item and tracking those action items. Now you will never lose track of meetings or MoM or action items.

Audit & Compliance Ready Dataset

ZilicusPM provides various reports like risk register, issue tracker, task status, project budgets, project cost and project expenses. ZilicusPM keeps logs of activities performed in a project. This makes your undertakings, initiatives compliance ready.

Monitor Health with Dashboard

Your executive management can view high level status of organization’s activities using graphical and stylish dashboard. You can view real time health of risks, issues, tasks and costs in ZilicusPM dashboard. These dashboard are very easy to navigate and available to you at a click.

Communicate with Teams

Frequent and clear communication keeps stakeholders involved. ZilicusPM offers seamless communication among your team. You can use discussion boards to ideate, conclude or confirm subject matter with your team. You can also set email preferences to decide the frequency of email notification.

Project & Portfolio Management

ZilicusPM offers comprehensive project management solution. You can create project schedule – work breakdown structure, delegate and control project activities. Senior management can track projects in their portfolio.

Manage Multi-location team

Team members working at multiple locations is a usual scenario. Today, it is critical to engage multi-location team. ZilicusPM facilitate a powerful collaboration mechanism for team members irrespective of their location. Team can work in their own time zone as ZilicusPM considers different time zone for team members.

ZilicusPM is comprehensive online solution that integrates online risk management software, web based incident tracking software, project planning and management tool, resource tracking software along with document management system.

You can sign up for 30-days trial, explore all capabilities of the software and ensure your EHS compliance of your organization with a very collaborative and cost effective software.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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