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Global Leadership & Global Competitiveness Project Management Weekly Roundup

Global Leadership & Global Competitiveness

Are You a Global Leaders Who Can Drive Global Competitiveness of Your Business? Take a look at this interesting article that talks about different aspects a global leadership need to master to lead his/her company through global competition.

Global Leadership

Recent ZilicusPM project management software blog about global leadership talks about what it takes to be the effective global leader in today’s situations like travel to foreign locations, setting up dispersed global teams, infusing cultural integration, identifying and adopting to the right global leadership styles like

  • Visionary
  • Affiliative
  • Coaching
  • Directive
  • Participative
  • Pace-setting

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IT talent gap: Too many project managers, too few product managers

If it is not India’s IT firms but seems to be a global phenomenon. Indian firms are struggling with IT talent because they have too many project managers but not enough good product managers. Though the article starts on right note but further seems contradicting the talent perspective because, the companies in focus are IT services companies know to focus on delivering multi-year/ resources extensive project contracts. Now Indian IT Services companies (Infosys, Persistent System) listed in the article seem to attempt to move up in the value-chain, project delivery to product management and they are facing the talent gap. Typical mindset/skillset required for product manager is far different than how a project manager works.

Personally I feel, these organizations have not been able to develop/train people to take up product management roles (because there are far lesser opportunities and may be, big IT services companies do not see right mix of cost-benefit). Nevertheless, have a look at IT Talent Gap companies are facing.

Many IT services firms setting out to develop products and platforms are dealing with the shortage in their own ways. Some are actively making product company acquisitions. Others are creating separate entities to create products and build intellectual property — Infosys subsidiary EdgeVerve Systems, which is modelled after product startups and is employing dozens of product managers, is an example.

4 Great Collaborative Project Management Tools for Your Team

Project Management Software for Global LeadershipIt is true that there are plenty of project management software available today for users. Even vendors seems to get confusion when they call their own to-do list software as project management software. Not to say that To-Do list software are not useful, but when it comes to organizing 3+ months project with 10+ team members, To-Do list software has limitation. You will need a robust, reliable project management software. Nevertheless, there is an article speaking of list of project collaboration software here. I would like to suggest following collaboration software which help you collaborate well

Let me know if I have missed any of your favorite collaboration tool.

PR professionals and project management

Project management is relevant in most of the industries. Corina Manea points out why PR professionals should understand importance of project management and how they should practice project management in public relationship.

  • Project management leads to structuring your PR ideas
  • It enables you to prioritize your activities for a given PR initiative
  • Like any other project, this involves team work
  • Project management enables you look at the big picture

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What I’ve Learned as a Project Manager At SitePen

Nita Tune has shared her experience, what she learned being a project manager at her company. It interesting to see the list of learning, advice, suggestions like importance of being subject matter expert, remain positive, taking project delays gracefully, leading the team, restraining interruptions, etc. Do read more about her project management learning. There is also another interesting piece that talks about project management lessons learned at Nasa.


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