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Hello world!

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At Zilicus, over past couple of years, we have been talking about & experimenting with so many things,   – be it  technology, concepts, changes, trends & early user feedback on our product – experiences, usability and so on. Just to enlist few random entries: Apollo 11, Dennis Ritchie, Coskata, Usability Vs Performance, Cloud Computing & SaaS, etc.

Through these healthy debates and discussions, we have been scribbling a quite a lot of things, in our internally hosted forums. Today, we have decided to come out of that age & move part of our work, incrementally to Zilicus – official blog.

We are so happy and excited, as we say Hello to you and be ready to walk along with you for the journey ahead!

Zilicus Project Management solution, now is in limited Beta

I am a co-founder of Zilicus Solution and I write about project management, collaboration, productivity, project management software, cloud computing, requirement management and business empowerment.