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The Most Important Thing Project Managers Need to Succeed

The Most Important Thing Project Managers Need to Succeed

Most of us are using professional networking site Linkedin to engage with other professionals, interact, share ideas, discuss issues, career advancements and so on. There was a question on one of the popular linkedin group about project management. The question was


“As a successful Project Manager what is the number one thing do you need to help you succeed?”

Things Important For Project Managers to Succeed

There are different ways experienced professionals, practitioners, amateur, academicians look at project success or failure. For some it is not only about project management but also project leadership that drives success, whereas others feel there is a structured and holistic approach to effective project management. At LinkedIn forum, there have been opinion voiced by various professionals. It is interesting to hear different views, opinions of experienced professionals. Let’s look at some of these responses from experts what they think project managers needs to succeed.


Clear Understanding of Project Success, KPIs

Kiran Bondale thinks, “The definition of “success” is in the eye of the beholder so a clear understanding of that is critical.

Maxine Simpson voiced doing the ground work, planning right is the key by saying “A complete understanding of project definition and scope; while not being rigid.


Whereas Rajani Boyapati felt, it is critical to have “Commitment to Project Goal!” in order to succeed. She further added “We should understand the outcome and objectives of Project first before we do anything, it is a crucial goal setting step. ‘Begin with end in mind’ is surely a step towards success.” And other project managers like Chrisbourne Joshua Taput echoed Rajani’s answer.

Important Thing Project Managers Need to Succeed

Project Communication

PM spends 90% of his time communicating with all SHs and 50% time with his team to integrate the KAs. So communication is the number one thing one needs to do.”, said Surender Kumar Yadav.


Focus on Customer Satisfaction

The measure of success is relative. Stakeholders and shareholders are perhaps the largest determining factor. My personal measure of success is customer satisfaction. If a project was completed to their satisfaction, then you’ve earn their trust and respect which is priceless and therefore they are more likely to do more work with you.” believes Henry Live, PMP.

Whereas Rakesh Bhatia thinks it is important to go deep down to really understand the value client expects by delivering a given project. He said, “The successful projects I’ve delivered have had the desired outcome because I’ve challenged the clients business case and facilitated discussions with them, to understand the value in delivering what they want. Everyone uses the term ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) very broadly and only a few write up how to measure true impacts.


Entrusting Project Team

A great team, thats my best asset“, quotes Mary Lamb

Juliana Borisova said, “For me it’s the project team – it is essential for the successful completion of each project to have the right ((right meaning committed and knowledgeable in their respective field) team members. Then it is the role of the PM to manage them, to motivate them and to lead them to the end goal.

A strong, committed team who works together well and communicates well.“, thinks Lila Walker

Managing Stakeholder’s Expectations

Then there are others who believe working closely with stakeholder leads to success. Lori Permenter voiced similar opinion as she said,”Buy-in from all business units within the Co (especially those affected by the outcome of the project). With it your project soars without it you are building on sinking sand as no matter how great the initial project or contributions made to it, its final success will be short lived at best.

Monika Smyczek, “Document and communicate decision making across stakeholder groups! This helps tremendously, especially when working with faster-paced teams in an agency setting. Often, different stakeholders weigh in at different times, but if everyone is clear as to how a particular deliverable evolved, they can weigh in accordingly and conflicting feedback and rework won’t bog the project down.

Stephen Harte echoed Stakeholder commitment is critical for project success.

Soft Skills

Phindile Mahlangu felt listening is critical for project manager’s success. She said, “Have good listening skills to Understand and be able to implement the project’s objective. That way, you will be able to assign and deligate the correct team that will execute without a problem

Dr. David R. Hale has very catchy line to define reasons for project manager’s success “My 4’c of Success – Connectivity, Continuity, Contingency, Cooperation


Would you have rated any one or more of following points, project managers need to succeed

  • Clear Identification and Understanding of Project Goals and Project Objectives for Sponsor
  • Emphasis on Detailed Planning but Having Flexibility or Agility
  • Proactive Approach of Project Manager and Project Team Members
  • Never Stop Learning Along The Way (Gopal Thiruvenkadam said this)


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