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Improve Work Management and Project Collaboration Using New ZilicusPM 7.2

Zilicus, a leading provider of online project management software, released improved version of ZilicusPM- project management software, introducing capabilities like resource working calendar, quick and easy controls for team members to stay on top of their things and lot more .

Nagin, Co-founder of Zilicus Says, “We are entering in last quarter of 2013, still there are challenges business face in delivering projects successfully.” and he continued, “The outcome of a project (successful or otherwise) depends on many factors, the important being
(1). Clear & frequent communication, including /of project requirements (2). Executive Management’s buy-in (3). Pragmatic planning & tracking (4). Well informed and equipped project team members (5). Proactive risk management.”

ZilicusPM enables you to have better project management processes. New version of ZilicusPM will enhance it further by helping organizations with quick ways of project scheduling,resource planningfostering team collaboration, helpingteam members to stay on top of their things to make informed decision. Today, Zilicus has announced launch of ZilicusPM 7.2 the latest version of our project management and collaboration software.

Here is brief information of the features introduced in the latest version

Resource Working Calendar | Plan & Track Activities for Consultants/Contracted Resources

Many projects involve work activities of consultants or contract resources and typically they are available on discrete days of week e.g. every Monday, Tuesday, etc. ZilicusPM enables users to configure working calendar for these resources and perform project work allocation based on their availability.

Project Resource Working Calendar in ZilicusPM

Project Resource Working Calendar in ZilicusPM

Resource working calendar along with precise work allocation introduced in previous version of ZilicusPM gives you astute control in prudent project scheduling.

View Work Allocation on Home Page | Easy & Quick Controls for Team Members

Team members can quickly view work allocation to them for pending tasks, as well as enter timesheet details on the home page.

View My Task Load in ZilicusPM

View My Task Load in ZilicusPM

Enter Timesheet Details on Home Page | Easy & Quick Controls for Team Members
Team members will find it very easy to enter timesheet details on the home page itself.

Enter Timesheet in ZilicusPM

Enter Timesheet in ZilicusPM

Project Status On-Hold, Cancelled
Project managers can now put projects in ‘On-hold’ or ‘Cancelled’ status based on organization’s assessment of a given project. When project is put On-Hold or cancelled, its resources assigned to non-completed tasks are released and they become available for other projects.

View Project List Based on Project Status

View Project List Based on Project Status

There are other enhancements that are introduced in this release such as

  • Project Portfolio Reports – This version has introduced additional reports at project portfolio level to give real time visibility into portfolio status e.g. Earned Value AnalysisExpense Reports, Project Financial Report (Radar Charts) with roll up summary, Resource Load Report with different aggregation level (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Copy-Paste Tasks – To help project planner with quick project scheduling, we have introduced buttons to copy and paste tasks in project schedule; this is pretty helpful in case projects have repeating tasks or group of tasks
  • Add meeting to project schedule – Users will be able convert a project meeting to a task and add the same to project schedule. Any change in project meeting will lead to update corresponding task.
  • Reassign-Issue To Reporter – This action will enable users to re-assign issue back to the reporter if reporter should provide certain information or perform certain action.

Plus there have been additional enhancements and bug fixes also included in ZilicusPM 7.2. For more details of above features please visit this page.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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