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Infographics – Working Across Time Zones By WashULaw

Infographics – Working Across Time Zones By WashULaw

Globalization has its roots back in colonial times. But today’s era of globalization is different. Business needs and cultural integration are turning different countries into integrated global market. The pace at which this global integration is happening is astounding. The challenges and opportunities exploded with this global integration are different. Global leaders, professionals working as a part of international market w/ vendors, partners, customers, employees, shareholders, etc. understand these challenges and they need to adopt, accept certain inevitable differences.

I wrote a blog post at Benchmark Email about ‘How to Build Work Environment Awareness in Multiple Offices‘, and one of the aspects professionals interacting with global market needs to keep in mind is ‘Time Zone’ differences. Washington University School of Law’s Online LLM program @WashULaw recently unleashed a new time zone management infographic. The Infographics – Working Across Time Zones by @WashULaw is pretty interesting, useful and handy as it shows a work life breakdown for fifteen important global market places on world map.

This infographic will certainly help professionals in understanding time zone, whether daylight saving is observed or not, official language, regular working hours, typical lunch time, average time of commute for locals, etc.

Knowing this information makes you aware of effective and efficient ways to communicate with global market. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Working Across Time Zones

Working Across Time Zones provided by @WashULaw, an online LL.M Degree program from Washington University School of Law

I would like to thank Chelsea W, the community relationship manager Washington University School of Law’s Online LL program, @WashULaw who recently contacted me, shared this infographic and asked if we’d be interested in sharing this infographic to ZilicusPM blog readers.

 Do let us know your views about this infographic; challenges, opportunities you encounter as you work in global timezone.

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