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Inventions: Project that generated projects

Inventions Which Changed The World : Project That Generated Projects, Lot of Projects

We might be overwhelmed with the choices we have available now, just to select those inventions that changed the world. Inventions that made it possible for us to live in the world we are today. Here is the list of inventions in my opinion (from project management perspective, that paved way for other projects)

  • Electricity

Inventions: Electricity : Project That Generated lot of Projects

  • Printing Devices

Invention: Printer: Project That Generated Projects

  • Bar Code

Invention Bar code : Project that generated projects

  • Electronic Money Transfer

Inventions: Electronic Fund Transfer - Project that generated projects

Inventions: Smartphone : project that generated projects

What is common in the indicative list?

  • These inventions are – result of enduring intelligence and persistent efforts (Remember the work done by Benjamin Franklin, Bernard Silver, Marie & Pierre Curie, )
  • These efforts were meticulously planned for variations in experiments & executed patiently (Remember methods used by- FW Taylor, Henry Fayol, Henry Gantt )
  • When the world realized potentials of these innovations, in turn they have, generated tremendous opportunity for further innovations (commercial or otherwise) as well massive number of projects were undertaken across the world. These resulting projects were meant to make human life better and better.

Following table gives brief idea about these inventions, what sort of betterment of life has taken place.



Resulting projects created


Can you read this article without electricity/ some for of electrical power supply ?

  • Electricity distribution networks
  • Cultivated/spurred whole electronics appliances system
  • Today, nothing moves without power/electricity

Printing Devices

The whole writing exercise changed economically & commercially

  • Newspapers, Books & publishing industry
  • Any Devices, Goods in retail store

For that matter, most of the man made things we see, has some or other information printed on it. [Xerox, HP]

Bar Code

Automatic reading of product information by machine for Sales & Inventory management

The whole Bar code Industry is thankful to it.

  • All courier Services industry
  • Cultivated/spurred whole electronics appliances system
  • Especially the retail industry cannot claim immense efficiency gains without bar code systemy
  • Every item in most of the stores we see, has bar code

Electronic Money Transfer

Undeniably the game changer for the financial system in this decade & many years to come

  • All financial instruments traded on exchanges
  • online commerce. [Visa, Master, PayPal]

Can you image Amazon,Ebay, any eccomerce without online money transfer?

Cell Phones

Connectivity anywhere: Indispensable, inseparable part of today’s life.

  • Satellites, Mobile network
  • mobile transactions
  • Nokia, Motorola, Android, Apple, BB


Scenario #1:

Can you imagine:

  • What would have happened to Pyramids of Giza if four managers responsible for each corner of the Pyramids did not have proper plan,
  • What if they did not have correct understanding of the plan, right resources to build it and correct communication among them?
  • Could it have become different shape all together, otherwise?
  • Would it be like: One corner was yet to complete & all others were waiting for it to complete?
  • Irrespective of above hypothetical questions, One can definitely image what kind of immense/huge project it would have been !

Scenario #2:

We have following instances known to us or the people who were involves: have shared significant details of these.

Project Apollo 11 can be an example of project & program management planned, executed and delivered successfully, whereas   Apollo 13 has been considered as successful failure!


Believe it or not. Project Management is being practiced since ages. Hence we can find such excellent things are successfully delivered during ancient times. We have so many things to learn from past & lead the way forward.

Looking at these things, makes us to be thankful to our forefathers (inventors), be humble &  expects us to take their way forward in some way. As we try to take their way forward, we certainly need to understand their practices/methodologies, endurance/persistence and put those in appropriate context.



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