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Leadership Training

Should Project Managers Consider Investing in Executive Leadership Training Program?

As a manager should you invest in executive leadership coaching?

Yes, Coaching helps leaders gain more emotional intelligence; it enables them to have greater empathy and self-awareness.

With external support, executives participating in coaching become more aware of their impact on others; they learn to self-identify problems & design solutions and develop skills to transform how effective they are in the workplace. As a project/ portfolio manager, one tend to get dragged into day-to-day issues, tactical challenges, working on fire-fighting mode. I am sure you know, what I am talking about. If you want to rise above mundane things and give a definitive directions to your team, projects, you need different perspective and the ability to help your teams drive in that direction.

Executive training tends to have a profound effect on leaders and the teams they lead.

Executive leadership training is usually done with a trained leadership coach. Through intensive inquiry, this coach helps the executive to realise and come up with possible solutions, work on areas of improvement, and gain a perspective on issues, especially the ones that come up while interacting with colleagues and employees they supervise. The trained executive identifies ways to advance that evolve over time, and the coach uses various techniques that help the leader to pursue new approaches.

Read on to understand how investing in executive leadership training programs is beneficial for your organization. Here are the benefits that come with leadership training:

Increases Productivity

The right, consistent leadership has the potential to increase the productivity of your people. At the primal level, leadership is all about understanding your people emotionally. Daniel Goleman, in his book The New Leaders, states that emotional intelligence is a critical factor for successful leadership. Emotional intelligence basically involves being smart about emotions and using empathy effectively for empowering and engaging employees. A leadership training program that encompasses emotional intelligence can hone these emotional skills in your managers and leaders.

Nurture Future Leaders

Every business organization needs to be strategic about developing and nurturing future leaders. Without a strategy, leadership roles are often given to the most forward candidates having dominant personalities. However, quality leadership comes with a combination of the right qualities and the right training. Identify those who have what it takes and give them targeted leadership training. Nurturing future leaders tends to supports succession planning and provides career pathways to employees, further increasing the retention rate.

Increase Employee Engagement

Everyone understands how they are progressing in their roles, when they are getting praised, when it is well-earned, i.e. giving constructive feedback. In fact, studies say that 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week as compared to only 18% of those with low engagement. Giving feedback is a skill of successful leadership. Through leadership training programs, your leaders are taught effective ways to give feedback that helps in motivating and increasing the skill level of their team.

Implement an Effective Leadership Style

Executive leadership training assists in implementing the most appropriate leadership style for your organisation. There are several leadership styles, all having their own advantages and disadvantages. Leadership training also helps individual leaders to develop their own personal leadership style to which their team members will give the best response.

Make Better Decisions

Last but not least: Leadership training programs result in better decision-making. This is because leaders functioning at a higher level of emotional intelligence have the perspective to make informed, intelligent business decisions. This reason alone is convincing enough to consider investing in leadership training!

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