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Invite for ZilicusPM Beta

We have quite a few things happening at Zilicus. We thought to update you about some of those.

Business gets empowered through correct Access of Knowledge & enriching Collaboration among its stakeholders!

We have seen how effectively teams can work together if they are given right access to knowledge & seamless mechanism to collaborate. We at Zilicus, share this vision of empowering teams and in turn empowering businesses. As a part of this endeavor, we have have been working for last year to offer a collaboration platform for everyone in the team to get their things done. Hence we have build ZilicusPM – an web-based Project Management S0lution.


<|> After almost a quarter spent in alpha testing, we moved ZilicusPM to limited beta availability.

<|> ZilicusPM has already been shared with few early users & customers. We are really excited & encouraged with their feedback. Of course, we have been given the list of minor issues to resolve. We have trimmed down the list, now we have handful of  issues to resolve!


Today, we intend to extend it beyond the current list of users, through invite only mode. We would love to see your feedback. Please submit your request for invite as given below.

Though we would love to share ZilicusPM solution with everyone but because of limitations to organizing users & their feedback, at the moment, we intend to limit ZilicusPM beta invites. The beta users signing up now and those who would provide us really amazing feedback, we would be giving away free annual subscription of Powerful ZilicusPM (up to ten users within a subscription).

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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-ZilicusPM Team

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Zilicus Project Management solution, now is in limited Beta
Do you use spreadsheets to manage your projects?

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