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Kanban Board in ZilicusPM: Visualize Your Project Work and Workflow

Kanban Board in ZilicusPM: Visualize Your Project Work and Workflow

In a previous post, we looked at Kanban board, the easiest way for team members to visualize project activities and update those quickly.

ZilicusPM – project management software provides excellent Kanban board functionality for project team members, as well as project managers.

My Kanban Board in ZilicusPM Project Management Software

Kanban Board in ZilicusPM for Team Member

  1. Kanban board helps project team members stay on top of their project activities wherein
    1. a. Each project task is shown as a card in Kanban board
    2. Team members can quickly notice priority of tasks since it is clearly visible on the Kanban card – A vertical colored line to the left of each Kanban card denote priority of that activity. e.g. Orange means medium priority, Green means low priority, Red means high priority and so on
    3. Team members can easily check task due date, duration, assignee right on the board. It is designed to be so intuitive that you don’t even have to click to view this information. One will notice thumbnail photos of other task assignee, due date at the bottom of the card, etc.
    4. You can easily move Kanban cards from one state to another and that would update task status. Remember, once team member has moved card from one state to another, and if project manager is looking at project Kanban board, s/he will see the latest/updated states of all cards.
    5. Project team member can easily view additional details of a task as s/he clicks on card.
    6. Team member can add task comment, upload document to a card/ project activity.

My Kanban Board: Your Favorite GOTO Page

My Kanban Board in ZilicusPM is THE place where you to visualize tasks (cards) assigned to you across all projects. My Kanban board page can be quickly accessed from ZilicusPM home page. If you have to simply check your project tasks across all projects.

Kanban Board in ZilicusPM for Project Manager?

  1. Easy to set up: Automatically translate task list into Kanban cards view
  2. Set Your Own Flow: Set up custom states as per project requirements
  3. Set dates for card, assign card to team members: Like you would do to a regular task
  4. Add comment, upload document to a given card

Visualize Project Schedule in Kanban Board

Setting up Kanban board is really simple. Project manager has two simple ways to set up board.

  1. S/he can add one Kanban card at a time
  2. S/he can enter list of tasks in Project Schedule (or Gantt chart) page and all scheduled tasks will appear in Kanban board.

Following screen shows how project Tasks List gets translated (or can be visualized) as Kanban board.

Project Schedule In Kanban Board in ZilicusPM Project Management Software

Add Custom Card State in Kanban Board

Beside standard status of project tasks, project manager can define custom state for each task activity. The Purpose field as you can see on the screen helps team member to understand what this state really means. Essentially, custom card state is additional progress information of a project task beside its status.

Add Custom Card State To Kanban Board in ZilicusPM Project Management Tool

Not Only Visualize Your Work, Also Visualize Project Workflow

Simply put Kanban board in ZilicusPM not only gives a way to visualize your work, but also visualize your workflow for project activities. Again not all projects are the same. Some projects require activities to flow in certain manner. Kanban Board in ZilicusPM gives you a way to define custom states and how cards can be moved from one state to another.

For example, on current screen you will find tasks Develop Project Charter can be moved from To-Do to ‘To Review’ by a team member to whom this card is assigned. You can reorder the state within a given status by dragging and dropping it.

Custom States In Kanban Board in ZilicusPM Project Management System

Team members and project managers have a super easy way with beautiful Kanban board to stay on top their activities and quickly update project progress.

Try Kanban board in ZilicusPM, free for 30-days. Do visit ZilicusPM website and signup for a 30-days trial.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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