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How To Make The Maximum Out Of Your Project Management Software

How to Enhance Your Productivity & Maximum Utilization Your Project Management Software

To achieve company wide acceptance and greater use of any IT software solution has been a challenging task for nearly all organizations. It is true for project management software as well. But wherever there are challenges, some find opportunities in it. Hence there are solutions to achieve the adoption goal. People responsible to implement IT system need to understand precise issues in adoption of IT system and then take a methodical process/approach to overcome those concerns or obstacles. Zilicus Solutions has learned from its experiences how to increase adoption of its ZilicusPM software. Let’s look at those tips to achieve greater adoption, deeper usage thereby garner benefits of using a project management system like ZilicusPM. Make The Maximum Out of Your Project Management Software

Like any process has input, output, people involved, IT system also has input, output and people involved, let’s call involved people as stakeholders and users. Any stakeholder would like to use the system if only it is really easy to use, but they expect the system to have all bells & whistles. Individual team members should know what’s next, what’s pending, how is it going in terms of team KPIs; project manager would have project related KPIs to track whereas portfolio managers would like to track KPIs for project mangers as well as portfolio KPIs.  Individual team members or down-the-line workers just want to update status/progress of their things whereas executive management would like to get a holistic or bigger picture with various performance indicators to make decision. You see, there is a trade-off between these two things: as number of features, advance level of those features and complexity to handle business process increases, it starts compromising the ease of use of the software. Fortunately we have online project management software that use cutting age technology, mobile ready project management app hence we have been able to leverage increasing expectations of user experiences. Before we get into the tips to strengthen project management system’s adoption, let’s first go through the checklist of selecting it.

  1. Assess existing project management processes and maturity for your company
  2. Enlist the features and functionality you would like need to streamline project management processes at your company
  3. Prioritize the list of features, capabilities your users will require
  4. Have the budget/ financial provision made for the PM system
  5. Shortlist online project management system that meets your broader requirements
  6. Evaluate shortlisted systems and filter the list

Now let’s see how one can make the maximum out of their project management system.

Set Realistic Expectations About New PM System:

All of us should understand that an IT software serves to enable, automate the business process, people. Similarly the objective of implementing PM system should to enable people to automate project management processes. Project management system can not act like project manager by itself. It is driven by people for people. Don’t expect that PM software will do any sort of miracle or address the inherent problem with your project management process. If there is any problem with the people or processes, in all probabilities, it will have to be managed separately and not through software.

Identify PM System Champions and Empower Them

Now we are speaking about bringing in change in the organization, in the project management processes. To facilitate the change management processes, you will have to identify project system champions: people who are receptive to technology, new changes, innovation, who understand value of improved processes and productivity.

All Attempts to Get The Maximum out of Your Project Management Tool To reap the benefit of PM Software, it is essential that organization is able to achieve complete depth and breadth of the system. What we mean by depth & breadth : is – it should be used for its maximum capabilities and by all of its workforce/employees. And there can be no better starting point than having PM software champions. And there need not be specific role like champion in the organization but a personality trait. And it should start with someone in higher management. Champions foresee the possible resistance, obstacles for the system. They should be well equipped, trained, empowered to handle those questions, obstacles, etc. There should be a plan for identified champions to advocate and enable the adoption process, and it should be reviewed in the early phase of implementation.

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Don’t Overwhelm Them, Take a Step-By-Step Approach

If project management processes in your organization are not mature enough, you can’t simply force it on your project team members with the software. People will need to be trained, to understand e.g. risk management, change request management, project charter, project scope, etc. “After implementing ZilicusPM software across numerous organizations in different industries with varying project management processes, we have learned that all capabilities in software systems can not be learned overnight, especially when your team members do not have enough experience of formal project management aspects”, Said Dhan, co-founder of Zilicus. He further said “Hence Zilicus recommends step-by-step approach in implementing ZilicusPM, starting with its basic project management modules and then once people are trained about risk management, issue management, change request management, stakeholder management, tracking time, expenses, you can enable those project management modules one by one”.

Ensure Everyone Understand Where to Find Single Source of Truth

As a management person and leadership who is driving project management system in the organization, you will have to make it clear to all team members, project manager and other stakeholders, that there will be only one PM System which will serve as a single source of truth and no other system will be used. If the project details are updated in designated system, then only it will considered as done. Just make it clear that there will be no two or three or more system to do the same thing, as a management representative, you are going to use only new system and every should use only that system.

Establish KPI, KRA, Performance Elements and Track Using New System

Make The Most Out of Your Project Management SoftwareIf new system is going to be used to deliver projects, you declare that which KPIs, KRA will be used to assess performance of project delivery, project manager, project teams. Once everyone starts entering information, update project details, you will see the project dashboard showing useful information. Once you start interacting with project managers based on these dashboards and reports, it will set the common structure, common template for project progress discussion across all projects and all project managers.

Welcome Questions, Suggestions From Team Also Encourage Positive Reception

It wouldn’t be wrong to see that team members, employees would expect training for the new PM system. It is recommended that organization should insist for online project management training from respective software vendors. Welcome questions and suggestions from your colleagues, team members. Like in many organization, there would be few naysayers in the organizations however you should encourage positive receptions of the new project management system.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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