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New Version of Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3 Launched

Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3, The Newest Version Launched

ZilicusPM the award winning project management tool, released with new features and enhancements to help project managers to plan project resource better, also improving project collaboration through email for project team members and other usability enhancements.

Zilicus, Software-As-A-Service provider of online project management tool – ZilicusPM has launched the latest version ZilicusPM 9.3. The newest version of ZilicusPM allows team members to collaborate around project task comments, issues, risks, discussion post comments over email, without having to login. Project planners can also perform reliable resource planning as ZilicusPM enables them to view resource allocated across multiple projects including those in planning phase.

Features introduced in project management tool – ZilicusPM 9.3:

Greater Visibility Into Resource Planning and Tracking

The newest version of online project management tool ZilicusPM allows project managers, planner to look at resources assigned to multiple projects on daily, weekly and monthly basis such that those allocated to planning phase projects also gets highlighted. Project planners can also perform capacity planning taking into account – expected allocation, assignment of resources in projects in planning phase.

This enhancements can server a great purpose to optimally assign resources for any given duration. Once you know when and how someone is over-committed or under-assigned, you can do right set of capacity planning and assignment to keep them optimally loaded

– If they are over-committed, you can save them from getting burnt-out

– If they are under-assigned, you can utilize them without getting frustrated for lack of work

A following image illustrate how resource load chart and capacity planning reports can take into account projects in planning/draft state.

Project resource load chart Includes Planning state projects in ZilicusPM project management tool


Project resource capacity planning report includes planning state projects in ZilicusPM project management tool

Project Collaboration through Email

ZilicusPM now allows project team members to add project task comments, add responses to project discussion forums or even issue comment or risk comments through email. To add these comments, team members are not required to login to ZilicusPM, simply click on the button within email and type your comment and just send email: ZilicusPM will record these comments and post the same to your projects.

The task assignment notification has been redesigned such a way that you can update task progress and comments by simply clicking the buttons in your email and simply sending those emails. Project management tool ZilicusPM will take care to update the progress on your behalf. This is really interesting as team members may not have access to internet all the time but if they have access to emails – they can still keep updating task progress over email – even using their smartphone/tablet.

Update task progress, task comment, issue comment through email using ZilicusPM project management tool

There are additional enhancements, bug fixes deployed as a part of ZilicusPM9.3 such as

  • Start tasks over weekend – Sometime your projects involve tasks to start on weekend. ZilicusPM now enables you to add such exceptional tasks to your project schedule, assign resources and also track these weekend tasks in your resource load chart.
  • Configure project listing – set your preferred list, sorting and grouping of projects to get same view every time
  • Email notification is sent to team members when timesheet is rejected
  • Ability to print Gantt chart to save it as image

If you are struggling to get real visibility to know whether your project resources are under-assigned or over-committed – how are you going to utilize them optimally, increase their billability and drive more revenue?

You need a robust and reliable project management tool to track resources and perform better capacity planning. Try ZilicusPM – complete project management tool for everyone in your organization, right from team member to executive management. Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.

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