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New Work Allocation in ZilicusPM Brings Chaos-Free and Realistic Resource Management

New Work Allocation in ZilicusPM Brings Chaos-Free and Realistic Resource Management

Zilicus, a leading provider of cloud based project management software, launched its latest version, introducing capabilities like generic resources, realistic & refined work allocation technique and improved collaboration.

Houston, TX, July, 31st 2013 – Every enterprise delivers projects with reference to organization’s objectives, by prioritizing customer expectations and more importantly by tracking project progress against its deadline. In order to meet project deadlines, project team members have to juggle between multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. Multiple resources working in multiple projects which have differential priorities and changing urgency make it a chaotic situation for project managers to handle.

Addressing these concerns, ZilicusPM has made it easier for managers to bring order to the unpredictability of work assignments with new capabilities introduced in its latest version.

“The latest version of our project management software ZilicusPM, gives project manager finer control to perform realistic work assignments to project team members. This astute capability empowers the project team to bring order to the chaos of work assignment across multiple projects. ”, said Nagin, co-founder of Zilicus.

Here is a brief information of the features introduced in the latest version

Percentage Allocation of Project Team Members at Task Level

Very few project management software allow users to specify percentage allocation of resource at a task level. ZilicusPM lets users specify percentage of the resource time, it would like to allocate to a given task’s duration. It is well suited for resources that are working on multiple projects simultaneously and have differential allocation on different projects.

Realistic Resource Allocation at Task Level

% Resource Allocation at Task Level

Refined Day wise Work Assignment

ZilicusPM offers a unique capability to manage task assignments to resources in a very refined manner. For advanced users and especially useful in case of services and consulting organization; ZilicusPM provides truly unique capability to assign efforts (hours) for each resource for each task-day.



It is really useful in all those cases, where a given resource may be occupied on some days and it is available in discrete quantum (number of hours) on other days for the duration of a given task. Project manager can look at resources’ load across all projects each day and accordingly specify work allocation per day for a given task.

Generic Resources

The latest version of ZilicusPM has introduced new type of resource – Generic/ Virtual resource. Project managers can create project schedule and assign tasks to generic resources (virtual assignment) which in turn help them in assessing project duration, resource requirement and project cost. It saves project manager from identifying real-resource before commencement of a project

There are other enhancements that are introduced in this release such as-

  • Project manager’s pending approvals notification tab – A new tab on home page will help project managers to check pending approvals of timesheet, expenses sheet submitted by team
  • Update progress of tasks via email – It is really useful for team members who would like to update task progress via email.
  • Additional task estimation type – New task estimation type ‘Fixed Duration and Fixed Work’ has been introduced to facilitate customer’s requirement to succinctly create project schedule.
  • Additional Reports – This version has introduced additional reports at project portfolio level to give real time visibility into portfolio status.

Plus there have been additional enhancements and bug fixes also included in ZilicusPM 7.0. For more details of above features please visit this page.

Other Important Update

Partnership with Faichi Solutions

Zilicus Solutions has entered into a partnership agreement with Faichi Solutions, outsourced product engineering and offshore development company, based in Pune, India. Faichi Solutions has successfully implemented ZilicusPM project management software for its customers.

The way forward –

In future versions of ZilicusPM, we are planning to introduce Design-Your-Own-Reports, resource skillset, resource working calendar among other features, to enable organizations to gain clear visibility into projects and seamlessly manage those.

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