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Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 6.3 Released With Enhanced Project Planning & Collaboration

The leading provider of online project management software – Zilicus, launched latest version ZilicusPM 6.3, introducing improved project planning, collaboration and portfolio management capabilities.

Houston, TX, May, 14th 2013 – Zilicus, the provider of award winning project management software, announced release of its latest version ZilicusPM 6.3.

ZilicusPM 6.3, the latest version of project management software, delivers enhanced project planning capability, improved collaboration among team members & customers; gives clear visibility to executive management with better project portfolio filtering and tracking portfolio Gantt chart ”.

I am happy to share brief information of the features introduced in the latest version

Project State – “Planning/Draft”

Now project managers can create project in ‘Planning/Draft‘ phase and assess feasibility of project in terms of project duration, resource availability & utilization, project cost and billing implications. It will certainly help you in making an informed decision whether to take up/kick off new project or not.

Project State - Planning, Draft

Project State – Planning, Draft

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart

Portfolio Gantt chart provides executive managers, portfolio managers with a complete picture of current status of schedule of all projects in portfolio. It provides a single view to track Gantt chart of all projects. Portfolio manager can expand desired project to view detailed schedule and the progress made at a given moment (real time).

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart

Create Project Issues over Email

Project stakeholders who prefer to register issues while on the go, by shooting  email, can do so using this feature. This feature allows your project team members and customers to create issues, merely by sending email to a project specific unique id. Each project overview page will show this unique email id for a given project to create issues.



There are other enhancements that are introduced in this release such as-

  • Employee Leave Plan – Project team members can apply for leave in ZilicusPM, its manager can approve the leave plan and approved leaves will automatically reflect in resource availability, load and utilization for the duration of leave.
  • “Email Only Users” – New user subscription type allows organization to add users who will not be logging in to ZilicusPM however they can be invited to projects, assigned tasks, tracked for project billability, cost, resource availability, load and utilization; just like a normal team member
  • Task reordering/ drag-drop tasks – Project scheduling is made even more simpler and interactive for you. Now project planner can drag and drop tasks vertically to reorder the list.
  • Filter Project Portfolio Dashboard – Portfolio managers can view desired projects in the portfolio dashboard. This filter enable selection of multiple portfolios or specific projects from different portfolio
  • Add links to Issue, Task, Risk – It is a minor enhancement that allows team members to attach links (URL) to issue, tasks and risks

There are additional enhancements and bug fixes also added to ZilicusPM 6.3. For details of above features please visit this page.

The way forward –

Team Zilicus is gearing up for the major version(s) of ZilicusPM and planning to launch application programming interface (API) support, custom reporting, resource skillset tracking and management, potentially predictive scheduling, workflow lifecycle management in ZilicusPM.

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