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Project Management – Managing Project Scope (Part -I)

Project Management – Effectively Managing Project Scope (Part -I) You are returning from a meeting you just had with your projects sponsor & you are sure that what project sponsor is asking now, was never agreed. You tried making your point yet project sponsor did not agree. You realize that even if at some point...CONTINUE READING
Case Study on Project Team Management - Issues of Dual Reporting

Project Management Practice – a Case Study On Team Management

It was Tuesday morning and the clock started ticking 11 am, John Gillon looked worried as he skimmed through delivery timeline for various projects in his portfolio. He was wondering how he can ensure smooth deliveries from the “Institutional-Billing” group. Background TeleMeck has been a small but renouned IT services and consulting companies in Telecommunication...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM 3.0 Released with Interactive Gantt Chart And MS Project Integration

  We have been working really hard for ZilicusPM 3.0 release and today we are excited to introduce new features to all users of ZilicusPM and a super slick, New-Generation fresh look of the application. ZilicusPM 3.0 Following are the new features introduced in ZilicusPM version 3.0 1. Interactive Gantt Chart Interactive Gantt Chart is...CONTINUE READING

What is Zilicus

So many people we have met: in person and virtually, almost every has asked us – What does Zilicus stand for? What is the meaning of Zilicus? How did you get this name? and so on… Well, there is a incident how we have got this name, most importantly, the name is aligned with the...CONTINUE READING

Task Management Software Vs Project Mangement Software

Quite often we come across To-Do lists or Task Management software which are touted as Project Management software. As a visitor, I find it annoying when I realize that all these software have to offer is simple To-Do list / Task management features whereas I’d expect much more than that. In this post, I have...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM – Updates from development lab

After launching ZilicusPM on Google Apps Marketplace, we continue to work hard and enhance capabilities in online project management software – ZilicusPM so that it becomes easier for project managers to easily create project plan, schedule and easier for project team to collaborate & update project progress. With these thoughts in mind, we have been...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM Project Management Software Launched on Google Apps Marketplace

The online project management and collaboration software – ZilicusPM, leaps forward with Google Apps integration. With this integration, ZilicusPM makes it more easier and collaborative to manage and deliver projects. ZilicusPM is now available to millions of Google Apps users through Google Apps Marketplace™ Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 10, 2012 Zilicus announced launch of its...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning In previous post we briefly touched how to planning risks of projects, in this post we will look at planning of project communications. You can jump to Project Planning | Project Scope | Delivery Schedule Planning | Resource Planning | Cost Planning | Quality Planning | Risk Planning |...CONTINUE READING

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide : Project Risk Planning

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide : Project Risk Planning In previous post we briefly touched the quality planning aspect of projects, in this post we will look at Risk Planning & Management. In previous post we got a glimpse of cost planning, in this post we will look at project quality planning. You...CONTINUE READING