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Effective Project Management - Clear Stakeholder Communication

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Clear Stakeholder Communication

Effective Project Management – Clear Stakeholder Communication As a part of project planning, there has to be project communication plan as well. Stakeholder communication is integral part of project management. It decides how project information is conveyed, to whom it is communicated, how much frequently, in which form it is communicated, etc. Different project stakeholders...CONTINUE READING

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Meticulous Planning

Effective Project Management – Meticulous Planning The next step after concluding project requirements, scope is project planning. One of the major assumption most project managers have about project planning is, it is only about scheduling or Gantt chart. It is not entirely correct. Project planning is far more than just scheduling tasks. One needs to...CONTINUE READING

Productivity Secrets | Productivity Weekly Round up

Productivity Secrets of the Week | Productivity Round up at Project Management Software Blog Let’s look weekly roundup of productivity articles in last week. 15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity In this Inc article about productivity, Stephanie has listed 15 habits that one can develop to improve productivity. Here is the list of...CONTINUE READING
Effective Project Management - Infographics

Tips for Effective Project Management

  For a project manager to be effective and deliver project. Here are six tips. For each one, you will find more details about how you can plan, manage and deliver projects successfully, consistently and predictably. Get clear project requirements, scope Holistic planning : task schedule, cost, staff, risks Project communication – clarity & frequency...CONTINUE READING
4 Reasons Why Excel Can Be Bad For Your Your Business

4 Ways MS Excel Can Turn Bad and Spoil Your Business

There are two biggest advantages of MS Excel for business users. You and me, everyone has it and knows MS Excel Got a data problem to solve? Just throw at it MS Excel was re-introduced in 1987 as a spreadsheet program to beat Lotus1-2-3 (Lotus 1-2-3 was way popular than previous avatars of MS Excel)....CONTINUE READING
Effective Project Management - Use Right PM Tools to Simplify Life FI

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Use Right Project Management Tool

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Use Right Project Management Tool Gone are the days when project manager was exclusive user of project planning tools like MS Project. If your projects are non-trivial (like a week or a month and involves just one or two resources), you can not manage projects any better without using project...CONTINUE READING

70+ KPIs for Project Manager to Track Project (Ultimate KPI List)

Start Reading Post 70+ Project Management KPIs for Project Manager KPIs For Project Manager We now know, project management KPIs are used as key measure to evaluate how effectively project is performing. In absence of KPIs it would be just a guesswork and arbitrary to determine project success or failure. Even one would not be able to…CONTINUE READING