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Project Management Software Features Critical For Project Manager

We looked at the situation Jennifer (the client project manager) was in previous post, let’s look at what important aspects of project management tools are important for a project manager. Project Management Software Features Critical For Project Manager Better View of Resource Workload And Their Ongoing Activities Project management system is not all about assigning...CONTINUE READING
Project Approval Process in ZilicusPM

How to Set Up Project Approval Process Using ZilicusPM

Before You Set Up Project Approval Process Using ZilicusPM Every organization has certain way of driving or operating its business. Typically tools such as emails, notice board, meetings, announcements might be used to conduct and communicate these business processes. As organization grows, it needs to formalize its processes to bring consistency across department, across projects....CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM Wins FinanceOnline 2016 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards | ZilicusPM Review

We at Zilicus, the provider of leading online project management software have been constantly working for simplifying customer experience while enabling organizations to perform better project portfolio management. And it has been recognized by FinanceOnline, the most popular B2B aggregator of user reviews specialized for Software as a Service (SaaS) reviews. FinanceOnline has reviewed ZilicusPM...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Tools for Software Project Management

In order to manage the software project management activities efficiently, there has to be a right project management approach and right set of project management tools. By the very nature of IT projects, since there are rapid changes in technology involved, regulatory compliance involved, varied skill set involved; project managers for software project have to...CONTINUE READING

7 Reasons Why SMBs Prefer All in One Project Management Software

7 Reasons Why Small and Medium Businesses Prefer All in One Project Management Software If we look back in the history, we realize that productivity software applications were introduced/added as a need basis, incrementally. The evolution in productivity and project management tools has followed the footsteps of project management processes. Project management processes, as they...CONTINUE READING

Software Project Management Process : SDLC Activities

Software Project Management Process Once software project scope is agreed, project estimation techniques are considered, IT project manager can focus on the typical software development lifecycle activities. In this post, let’s look at software project management process: Scheduling, resourcing, Tracking/ Monitoring, Software Configuration Management, etc, closure. Software Project Scheduling For software projects, scheduling is identification of activities...CONTINUE READING

Back2Basics: Software Project Estimation and Planning

Once we know roles and activities involved in software project management, the next step is to start planning the project. Project manager typically takes this initiative to arrive at a reasonable estimation using various techniques as appropriate for the project. Software Project Planning IT or Software project planning doesn’t revolve only around work breakdown structure...CONTINUE READING
Software Project Management - Activities & Roles

Back2Basics: Software Project Management: Activities and Roles

We introduced you to software project management process in the first part of this series. Let’s look at software project management activities involved and the critical role of a project manager in delivering IT projects. Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple Constraints in Software Project Management Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple constraint is a well known phenomena...CONTINUE READING