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Choosing Right Project Management Software

Get Organized & Pick The Right Project Management Software (Ultimate Guide)

8 tips to pick the right project management software Organisation’s Comfort About project management Enlisting & Prioritizing Project Management Features Available Budget, Cost Intuitive Interface, Ease of Use, Anytime, Anywhere Access, Mobile App Can Team Easily Update Status & PM Get Real Visibility?, Collaboration Opportunities Customisation Options Available, Integration with Other Tools Scalability of the tool, Software &...CONTINUE READING
Project Management Software ZilicusPM 14.0 Released

Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 14.0 Launched

Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 14.0 Now Available Leading provider of project portfolio management software system, Zilicus announced launch of project management software ZilicusPM 14.0. With the enhancements such as scheduling of recurring task and assignment to resources, resource & timesheet reporting, meeting management customers can have real visibility and greater control of projects. “We are really...CONTINUE READING

The Week That Was: In Project Management and Managing Remote Teams

After a brief hiatus I got the opportunity to look at what is keeping world readers engaged about project management, productivity, leadership. Let’s look at some of those interesting articles. 6 Mistakes With Remote Project Teams Bruce Harpham of PMI Southern Ontario Chapter has written about the mistakes that happens while managing remote project teams....CONTINUE READING
Gantt Chart - Project Management

What is a Gantt Chart? Advantages, Disadvantages of Gantt Chart

What is project management all about? The answer to above question has evolved over the period of time. Initially project management was merely considered as a process to manage time, resources and cost. A project manager would be rated good if s/he was able to complete project on time, within budget and of a desired quality. A...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Wish List 2017

We have seen project managers wish list previously. This year, we talked to few executive management teams from different companies and jotted down what senior management expects out of project management professionals or project management as a discipline, so essentially it is a project management wish list 2017. Project Management Wish List 2017 You ‘ll Have...CONTINUE READING

Online Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 13.2 Launched

Leading provider of project portfolio management tool, Zilicus announced release of ZilicusPM 13.2. With the enhancements in resource reporting, meeting management customers can have better visibility and control of projects “We are really happy to announce release of the latest version of online project management tool ZilicusPM 13.2 that will help medium-large businesses manage projects resources...CONTINUE READING

Can Project Managers Be Your Business Partners?

The way Neena thinks that organization is not appreciating/acknowledging her contributions, if project managers have similar feelings, then it is definitely not a good thing for any organization. Once we realize that project managers have a considerable impact and have contributed significantly to success of business, they should be acknowledged. Like the corporate saying goes,...CONTINUE READING