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Software Project Management - Activities & Roles

Back2Basics: Software Project Management: Activities and Roles

We introduced you to software project management process in the first part of this series. Let’s look at software project management activities involved and the critical role of a project manager in delivering IT projects. Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple Constraints in Software Project Management Time Quality Cost (TQC) Triple constraint is a well known phenomena...CONTINUE READING

Four Globalization Risks Impacting International Projects

Are We Noticing Globalization Risks Impacting International Projects The world economies have embraced globalization to higher degrees though recently there has been increasing concerns against globalization and somewhat few countries are seen favoring protectionism (read: BREXIT). Nonetheless, over the years globalization has offered tremendous opportunities for enterprise businesses as well as SMBs to tap developed...CONTINUE READING

How To Make The Maximum Out Of Your Project Management Software

How to Enhance Your Productivity & Maximum Utilization Your Project Management Software To achieve company wide acceptance and greater use of any IT software solution has been a challenging task for nearly all organizations. It is true for project management software as well. But wherever there are challenges, some find opportunities in it. Hence there are solutions to achieve the adoption...CONTINUE READING

Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM Offers 5 Levels of Project Visibility

Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM Offers 5 Levels of Project Visibility Web based project management software ZilicusPM enables project managers to design and offer different levels of visibility to project stakeholders. Project stakeholders can be project owner, creator, portfolio manager, executive management, team members, customers, vendors, auditor, etc. In absence of right project management system, stakeholders do...CONTINUE READING
Principles of Successful Project Management

4 Essential Principles For Successful Project Management

4 Essential Principles For Successful Project Management And Learn To Use Project Management System To Adhere To Essential Project Management Principles Every project is of its kind; it has its own issues, goals, approach, team structure, stakeholder, etc. However there are few essential principles that sets and governs project structure and work-approach. Depending on how...CONTINUE READING

8 Challenges Impacting Project Management | Project Management Weekly Roundup

8 Challenges Impacting Project Management The CIO article about project management talks about the challenges impacting project management especially software project management. Few of the points the article highlights are Globalization and high competition Legacy information systems Lack of expertise in niche or specific software skills Software as a Service (SaaS) taking the lead in conventional software market Multitude of and complexity in user requirements Third Party Integration Software Quality Issues delaying delivery Accounting practices to recognize project revenue The Seven Imperatives to Keeping Meeting on Track. If you have read this blog earlier, you would have noticed a similar article in the...CONTINUE READING

Why You Should Use Online Project Management Software with Kanban Board?

What is Exactly Online Project Management Software? Though the question itself may sound trivial but it is important to understand it in two perspective. What is meant by project management Software (PMS)? How different is it being “Online”? Firstly the way most people think about project management software revolves around task management. But project management is much more (depth & breadth) than task scheduling. It is about project financial, project resources, change requests, issues, risks, meetings, documents, communication, control, etc. Secondly online project management software is different...CONTINUE READING