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5 Reasons To Switch To Web Based Project Management Software

Still Using Spreadsheet? Should You Consider Web Based Project Management Software? Desktop based project management system have certainly helped business in the past to plan projects better. In absence of any good tool, desktop based project management tools (including MS Project, Primavera, or even spreadsheet) provided mechanism to plan or track projects. As the times...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Automates Project Approval Process

ZilicusPM project management software has enabled project organizations to enforce project approval process before taking up new projects. This capability in ZilicusPM ensures every new project request can be routed through appropriate approver, which can be reviewed at least once. It delivers delivers process integrity, transparency and brings more efficiency for Zilicus customers. Such approval...CONTINUE READING

8 Project Management Skills That Are in High Demand | Project Management Roundup

8 project management skills in high demand  As we all know, economic slowdown of 2008-2009, has forced businesses to rethink about their spending. Organizations today, want to check that every penny spent will deliver some value for the businesses. In order to ensure value delivered for every penny, businesses are increasingly relying on project management professionals to deliver projects more predictably. This wouldn’t be a challenge for skilled and experienced project managers but if other project managers (or to be) are not going to acknowledge and change themselves to changing dynamics of business or nt acquire project management skills, they are going to be left behind or go out of business. Let’s look at what CIO online thinks about 8 project management skills that are in high demand today. Also these project management skills will serve as a good checklist for interviewers for finding candidate-company fit in a longer run. Not only people skill but also technical project management skills are required Excellent inter-personal and professional communication skills Ability to lead team, project through all kinds of situations Change management and organizational development expertise More involvement and acumen of strategic business management Ability to resolve conflict, navigate project team towards common goal Qualities like being adaptive and unflappability in difficult situations Exceptional facilitation skills Read more here. How to plan for your first project manager role Those who are entering the professional career of project management, and getting ready for their first ever project management role, here is a list of things you will have to keep in mind in order to succeed. This article will help you in improving your chances of making your stint as project manager successful role, by planning following basic components of a project. People Project Management Tool Metrics, Checkpoint, Condition Monitoring Business Objectives Definition Sponsors Communications Read more about planning your first project manager role. Project Management as an Actual Career Choice: Discuss An interesting discussion topic in today’s time. Choosing project management as a career is no more a fancy thing, academically or career progression-wise, project management is considered to be an enriching career choice. Of course it means lot of responsibilities, accountability, constant interaction, follow ups, facing conflicting situations, people issues, communication challenges, and lot more. Above all, as the article says, project management is really about keep moving forward and learning to keep heads above water. You can follow this discussion for more views. Project Management Software for Professional Services Companies Project management software for professional services organization is necessity than a wishful thinking. In cut-throat competition, rising resource cost, professional services companies wants to stay ahead of the competition. They want to increase bilability, which means, they would like to see more consultants being deployed/billed, meaning more resource utilization, which in turn requires proper capacity planning. In order to do right capacity planning, director or vice president of these companies need to ensure they have clear visibility of all consultants or technical, support resources across all projects. It means organization needs more than project management skills, to manage project better.   Project management software like ZilicusPM gives the clear visibility into resources load, capacity, billing, cost and margin.  It is simple to use,...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Strongly Received By Professional Services

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Is Helping Professional Services Organization In Delivering Projects Successfully Zilicus Solutions, a leading provider of time tracking, and project management software, announced today that its project management software ZilicusPM has been received strongly by professional services organizations across the world. ZilicusPM simplifies project scheduling, optimizes project resources assignment and allocation, improves...CONTINUE READING

How UK’s biggest critical infra project is supported: Weekly Project Management Roundup

Here is a weekly round up about project management: interesting articles, industry news, trends, research survey findings from leading resourceful websites. How an IT department in a portacabin supporting UK’s biggest critical infrastructure project There is £1bn project in progress to transform London Bridge railway station. The project is currently the most critical and the...CONTINUE READING
Tracking Project KPIs : Important Aspect of a Project Management Software

Seven Aspects of Project Management Software

There are plenty of software solutions to help you manage project tasks but what all functionalities one would need for managing projects is debatable. There are basic task management tools, some advance scheduling & resource planning tools, some are extremely complex but enterprise solutions while, there are tools for specific purpose like Issue tracking, Risk...CONTINUE READING
Checklist and Guide to Set Up a Project Management Office

Guide To Set Up a Project Management Office (PMO)

Checklist and Step By Step Approach to Set Up a Project Management Office Summary In the current challenging business environment and slowed economic revival, companies are moving toward business models and in turn delivery models that are predictable, consistent. Businesses are looking for project delivery model that will help them to cut down on cost...CONTINUE READING

8 Reasons To Decide Whether Your Organization Needs a PMO

8 Reasons To Decide Whether Your Organization Needs a PMO? In the previous post we looked at one of the scenarios or reasons whether you should consider implementing project management office (PMO) for your organization. Let’s look at the other important business situations or reasons you will consider for PMO. 2. Different project managers have...CONTINUE READING

Does Your Organization Need a Project Management Office?

We know that the main objective behind setting up a project management office (PMO) is to accomplish business benefits by establishing and enforcing standard project management practices policies. As PMO matures in a given organization and people adopts PMO model well, it would serve a great source of project management guidance, support and performance evaluation...CONTINUE READING