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Productivity Tips in This Week

Productivity Tips in This Week

50 Quick Productivity Tips, Business Tips for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Alex Iskold has shared grand list of productivity tips for entrepreneurs, but one may find it useful for regular professionals. Let’s look at some of these tips.

Productivity TipsProductivity

  • When everything looks important, you are not getting it right. Develop a habit of assigning priorities to your work like P1, P2, P3, etc. In reality, one can do only handful of P1s on a daily basis. Relentlessly prioritize
  • Be focused instead of running in multiple/all directions; and it is not crime to say NO
  • Complete what is of highest priority first – (many people prefer to Eat that frog)
  • Use calendar, technology to aid you, block your time so that it will not be missed
  • And try not to do anything which is not on your calendar.
  • Track how much time you spend on each activity, develop a habit of introspecting and being more efficient with your time.


  • Many people have habit of constantly refreshing or checking new message. It is a time killer, don’t do that; have your email opened all the time and periodically check your email.
  • Master CC usage. Do not CC people unnecessarily, it is time-waster for others especially CEO alike people, number of emails can be overwhelming.
  • Same is true with BCC. Use appropriate email signature
  • Ensure brevity while writing emails, keep in mind people also read your email on mobile.Re-read before sending.

Scheduling meetings

  1. Scheduling a meeting is an activity that needs to be planned itself, so act accordingly (propose 3-4 timeslot looking at meeting avenue, timeone, etc)
  2. Aptly name the meeting, so that invitee don’t have to dig info about the meeting just to know what it is about.
  3. Sometime you need to be accommodative and flexible for super busy people.
  4. Better to propose time immediately rather than asking for suitable time, it saves multiple emails for both the parties. In the meeting

There are plenty tips which can be listed but I’d suggest you to explore more here.

Productivity Tips, ideasLessons from StarCraft: Gaming Your Personal Productivity

It may sounds somewhat counter-intuitive to be productive while playing computer games. Typically computer games are considered to be time-waster by many. But let’s hear out the productivity hacks from Starcraft. Let me pen down the list shared by Nootrobox.

Practice is key: After all to be the top notch gamer, you have to practice a lot.

Macro Strategies – Look at the big picture while making your strategies work flexibly

Micro Strategies – Hone your execution level expertise that separates great player from good one

The big insight – This is important. As it is rightly said, practice and strategy can get you far but insights from doing productive things, utilizing those will be major upliftment

The deciding factor when you compete in business world is “pushing yourself faster with precision to drive success by maximizing productivity with minimum wasted effort


8 Ways to Radically Increase Your Productivity

Sherrie Campbell has made few excellent points in this post, like success is not a result of one/two decisions. Success is the result of focus, commitment, and applying learning. Let’s look at the main points Sherrie jolted down to help us drastically increase the productivity.

Change your environment:

Even a slight change like luminosity can make noticeable difference to interest level of doing work. Neatly done change can bring a feeling of newness. Sometimes changing a work-location can help you think differently.

Strive to be your best.

Think of doing the thing, your ‘ideal’ would do. Your ideal will do everything possible for career, growth, happiness, glory, etc. At every level you need to excel. It is not just about good start but you have to be good executioner as well as excellent finisher.

Change your patterns.

Not all habits are meant to be good. Change your work pattern for greater good. Get rid of your habits making you lazy, non-productive or laggard. Strive for health changes to your routine.

Continuously evaluate your priorities

Every day of life is about changing priorities. If we are habitual, we tend to ignore priorities. Relentlessly evaluating priorities will help you focus on right things. Remember, your family is your priority, take-out time for them.

Invest in personal growth.

This is important aspect of being more productivity. We have to keep learning. The habit of routine work can sway you away from personal growth. Investing in yourself helps greatly – one has to learn from mistakes, experiences, learn new skills.

Of course there is more to this list, if you are interested you can read more here.


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