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Project Management – Managing Stakeholder Expectations (Part-I)

Project Management – Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Many times the frustrating notes that we keep hearing from project customers, project team members, project managers is “I don’t see what I was looking for” or even another version as “I am not getting what I am paying for”.

You may have seen the following cartoon before but it really portrays the realities of project management, project delivery and failure thereof.

Project Management Managing Stakeholder Expectations


In every project there are different stakeholders involved. Project sponsor or typically customers is considered to be the most important because, for him the project is being delivered. Project team is the one, who does the job of delivering outcome and project manager is responsible for overall project delivery.

As a project manager, you have to understand diverse expectations of stakeholders, align those with greater business goals and make them realistic. Inspire project team to keep on progressing with project delivery and adopt to changes as project progresses. Keep project stakeholders informed of project timeline, project progress, benefits project offers and so on.

What if project manager is unable to manage project stakeholder expectations?

  • You end of delivering a product or service that customer does not want or not ready to use.
    • Simply put, you are ensuring that you have lost trust and any future/prospect of business association
  • Higher management is quite likely lose a confidence in your capabilities to deliver project
    • You are not likely to get another chance to deliver new project, rather you may have to work as coordinator or it will put a question mark on your career
  • Team would have lost the interest in working for you. If it has already put long working hours for this project, team will not see their hard work bearing any fruit rather resulted into a failed project
    • You will be considered as someone pushes people but does not reward them

In next post we will look at how to engage better with stakeholders so that stakeholder’s expectations can be managed better. And we will also see how ZilicusPM helps you in identification and management of stakeholders.


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Managing Project Stakeholder Expectations (II)

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