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Project Management Software That Works To Your Comfort Level

Project Management Software That Works To Your Comfort Level

You know about Early Adopter, Laggard, right? No, have a look at this post & funny video therein. And do you wonder if you are the first guy who’d start dancing or other-two who’d joins the-first-one? Or somebody keeps watching those guys dancing for a while and then joins or someone who see almost everybody else around you have danced enough, let me jump in?

Well this time, my point is not about being innovator or early adopter. Going by statistics, innovator and early adopters are still not majority in terms of percentages. The majority percentage (~74%) of population/adopter of technology or new products are Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards. So any new technology, product or system change if it has to be adopted well in the whole organization, management has to consider how it can minimize friction caused by newer technology, product, service or even a software introduced in the company. The answer mostly lies in stakeholders’ comfort zone.

Most of us like to be in our comfort zone. As human we resist change (psychologically many perceive change as not required, right from the beginning aka IF-IT-AIN’T- BROKE-DON’T-FIX-IT), don’t we?

Of course, this is equally true for new software systems, including project management software. And Zilicus understands this really well and it has designed its project management software ZilicusPM to work to your comfort level.

Project Management Software That Works

Organization’s Requirement of Project Management Software Features

If you have been looking for a RIGHT project management software for your team, your organization, you would first ensure PM software from your shortlist of project management software that works and really meets your core or essential requirements of managing projects at your company. Then look for bells and whistles (optional/nice-to-have items).

ZilicusPM is complete project management software that offers comprehensive features to manage projects in terms of excel like project scheduling, Gantt chart, Kanban board, baseline, time tracking, issue management, risk management, document management, budget & cost tracking, meeting management, client collaboration, portfolio management and lot more.

Project Management Software That Works

Project Management Standards and Compliance

And as you & your organization will mature in terms project management processes, it will enable you to manage portfolio of projects in more holistic manner. ZilicusPM also enable you to be compliant with project management guidelines and standards laid out by PMI®, PRINCE2®, SEI CMM levels.

Performance of Project Management Software

One of the most important factor that organizations miss out while selecting project management software is PERFORMANCE. Online project management system has to deliver high performance. Project teams get max-frustrated and max-annoyed with tool that shows ‘PLEASE WAIT’ box or ‘WE ARE REVOLVING IN CIRCLES – PLEASE WAIT’ :p for every other click you would do on task list, edit task, create issue or any project activity in the tool. People get frustrated if they have to wait to update things, view report, view dashboard. If you want project management software that works for your company then any such lag/performance issue is strictly NO NO for that tool.

ZilicusPM delivers one of the fastest response among comprehensive online project management software available in the market.


Project Management Software That Works To Your Comfort Level

Project Management Software Adoption Challenge

Once you have realized that given project management software has all features you need, your next worry would be whether that project management tool will work for different people in your organization who have different pace of working, different job roles, skills, experiences and so on. And that’s where the real challenge crops up. The adoption challenge! If your project team is not going to use PMS regularly, the how will you justify the RoI?

Suiting to your COMFORT

ZilicusPM Project Management Software works to your team’s comfort level. When I say comfort level, I also mean considering your project management experience, project management skills including your inclination levels toward technological products. We have been working closely with customers from diverse industries (manufacturing, engineering services, IT Product, IT services, banking, automotive, defense, insurance, consulting, government, technology, etc.), varied project management experiences/expectations.

How does project management software ZilicusPM work when you are a project manager?

Depending on whether you are a certified PMP® professional or PRINCE2® practitioner or someone who is not really into conventional project management processes, ZilicusPM enables you to manage projects in your most comfortable fashion.

  • Project scheduling: Simple excel like task list scheduling for someone who is just beginner to advance scheduling options (like Gantt chart, dependencies, lag time, estimation type, baseline, critical path, optional resource assignment, cost tracking, etc) for seasoned project management professional.
  • Reusing best of your work: Use of project template functionality to import project schedule for regular project managers to import MS Project schedule who have been conventionally using Microsoft Project for years and can’t get rid of it.
  • Access visually appealing and simple to understand project dashboard to track project progress in real time
  • Mark most commonly accessed project report as your favorite report and use quick-shortcut access
  • View list of project timesheet and expenses pending for your approval, right on your home screen

How does ZilicusPM project management software empower you as a project team member?

  • Updating Task Progress: Update status logging in or just send us email
  • Look through list of all tasks across all projects, in a visual Kanban cards view
  • Know all project activities pending on your name, right on your home screen along with due date and update project tasks status, progress, fill in timesheet right on the home page
  • The best thing is – Just one click and ZilicusPM update all pending tasks across all projects. Saves great amount of time!

ZilicusPM Project Management Software That Works

How does project management software ZilicusPM work when you are an executive manager?

  • Simple project progress tracking to advance portfolio tracking, earned value management
  • Visually track progress across multiple projects using portfolio dashboard and drill down to spot what’s wrong in a specific project or could become potential bottleneck
  • Track project activities across all projects using portfolio reports
  • Mark most commonly accessed project report as your favorite report and use quick-shortcut access


Let me underscore this for you, as you will start using ZilicusPM with simple configurations: ZilicusPM ensures that project team never misses task, milestone and such project deadline information.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

Project Management KPIs Software - ZilicusPM

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