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Project Management Software ZilicusPM Automates Project Approval Process

ZilicusPM project management software has enabled project organizations to enforce project approval process before taking up new projects. This capability in ZilicusPM ensures every new project request can be routed through appropriate approver, which can be reviewed at least once. It delivers delivers process integrity, transparency and brings more efficiency for Zilicus customers. Such approval process ensures there is accountability, review, application of minds; it is a sign of maturing organization. ZilicusPM helps organizations, its managers to navigate the information, decision in a right manner.

Project Approval Process In project Management Software ZilicusPM

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Automates Project Approval Process

Zilicus Solutions, the leader in cloud-based project management software provider, has introduced project approval manager that orchestrate new project approval processes within its project portfolio management software ZilicusPM. With this predefined project approval and review feature, business leaders, portfolio owners can automate the manual, often confusing and tiresome project approval process. The new capability in ZilicusPM will help Zilicus customers to reduce the time of manual project approval, it will help customers to drive important & critical initiatives with higher efficiency, greater transparencyProject Approval Process In project Management Software ZilicusPM.

Project Approval Process In project Management Software ZilicusPM.

Image 1: Project Management Software ZilicusPM Automates Project Approval Process

Importance of Automating Project Approval Process with Project Management Software ZilicusPM

As the Project Management Institute PMI says in its research report “Strategic PMOs Play a Vital Role in Driving Business Outcome, “In today’s rapidly changing business environment,project management offices (PMOs) struggle to provide adequate support for shifting priorities and faster delivery cycles. To remain viable, they must evolve from a reporting and prioritization function focused solely on tactical project management execution to enabling leaders to develop and implement strategies that drive better business outcomes.Building transparency and consistency into portfolio planning, designing innovative execution methods, and driving learning and development,high-performing strategic PMOs are empowering their executives to act with greater agility and achieve better business outcomes.

If someone tries to understand what PMI is pointing at, it is all about bringing in more efficiency, transparency, consistency and predictability in delivering business benefits through project management. Project management software with portfolio management capabilities like ZilicusPM, can help organizations in streamlining project approval, project planning and management process. Such process is also an essence of what project management office (PMO) strives to achieve. The amazing part here is, ZilicusPM automatically ensures that all project requests are routed through the system before any new project is kicked-off. The automated project approval process in ZilicusPM project management software also help businesses in standardizing the process and enforce project governance and compliance.

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Brings Agility as well as Efficiency

The project approval process is not only important to the way project management practiced in enterprise organizations but equally true for marketing projects practiced in marketing agencies or businesses deal with marketing activities. There can be plenty of client brief that can turn into projects and without a thorough considerations, SLA implications, etc, it can be a risk for management to take up new projects. The best way is to formally review new project requests but if the approval process is going to be manual, then there is a high possibility that businesses may loose agility to respond to market situations. Hence the project approval automation in ZilicusPM is quite helpful, it will support faster decision making, faster responses, quick changes/re-submission and thereby deliver greater customer value.

Some of the advantages customers have with ZilicusPM project management software that help you automate of approval mechanism, are

  • Automates project request submission, approvals
  • Transparent and timely communication
  • Cut down
  • the time required for to-fro communication and approval
  • Avoid possibility of human errors

Below is a brief description of project approval feature introduced in ZilicusPM project management software.

  • Project manager can submit new project request and select reviewer
  • The request can be easily routed to reviewer across departments and irrespective of reviewer’s geographic location
  • Project reviewer can view details of project request, plan, budget, cost, resources, risks, etc
  • Project reviewer can approve, reject or ask for re-submission of project request
  • Once project request is approved, project status can be changed from Planning/Draft to In Progress, as appropriate
  • The communication involved in project request submission, review, re-submission, approval is automated and concerned managers are notified via email. The history of project approval process remain available for audit purpose.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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