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Project Management Software ZilicusPM Strongly Received By Professional Services

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Is Helping Professional Services Organization In Delivering Projects Successfully

Zilicus Solutions, a leading provider of time tracking, and project management software, announced today that its project management software ZilicusPM has been received strongly by professional services organizations across the world. ZilicusPM simplifies project scheduling, optimizes project resources assignment and allocation, improves team/client collaboration and enables clearer tracking of project financials such as budget, cost and billing.

Challenges Professional Services Organizations Face

Professional services companies thrives with successful delivery of projects thereby ensuring its consultants working on projects are billed optimally. It is critical for business managers in professional services organization to know what business associates or consultants are currently working on, are they optimally assigning to projects and real time tracking of project progress, project cost and billing amount is what ZilicusPM project management software for professional services does the best.

Director of professional services, one of the Zilicus clients in insurance services sector said, “ZilicusPM is absolutely the best PMS that we have found and used so far. I can’t think of even trying any other solution to plan and monitor the cost and billings of our consultants.”

Professional services organizations in Information Technology, Insurance, Banking, Engineering Services, Healthcare, and many other sector caters to different aspects of businesses, different set of customers, stakeholders, and different elements of the value chain. But all of them have few things in common, these organization would like to ensure projects are planned realistically despite of the client pressure or implementation challenges, resources are deployed righteously considering their skillset, availability, cost and billability contributions, and margin for each project to remains healthy.

There are few project management aspects that a project managers in a professional services organization are really concerned about. Let’s look at those concerns and how ZilicusPM project management software addresses these concerns.

  • Realistically Plan Project schedule, Estimate Cost, Billability and Resources
  • Knowing Exactly Who is working on what and who is Available or Overloaded
  • Track Estimated Hours and Track Billable Time – actual
  • Track Project Expenses, Project Cost and Maintain Margins
  • Use a Central Platform to Manage Projects and Client Collaboration
  • Real and Clear Visibility of Progress of Projects for Multiple Clients
  • Enable Clients to Highlight Project Issues and Share Project Documents

ZilicusPM project management software for professional services organization to track time

ZilicusPM offers simple to use but advance capabilities to plan project schedule, estimate resource hours and resource costs. Its interactive Gantt chart, estimation types of task and ability to track estimated cost, actual cost as well as billing amount at a task level gives confidence to project manager about the detailed planning one can perform.

ZilicusPM offers resource management capabilities such as resource load chart, what-if analysis resource assignment to task, ability to assign a specific resource’s hours on daily basis to a given task, capacity planning based on job role. These advance resource management features in ZilicusPM ensures that project manager picks right associates and consultants for projects that will not only help him deliver the project on time but also optimizing resource cost and maximizing billing.

Project Management Software ZilicusPM for Professional Services with Better Resource ManagementZilicusPM is quite intuitive project management software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere using web browser, or smartphones like iPhone or Android phones or tablets like iPad. Simple steps to track time, track expenses ensures the tool gets adopted well in the organization and executive management is able to view the project information correctly.

The real success of any IT system depends on how well down the line stakeholders are able to use it. ZilicusPM has been designed to be simple to use and easy to get started. Minimum learning curve and intuitive user interface have made ZilicusPM quite popular among enterprise users.

The cost effectiveness of ZilicusPM subscriptions, ease of user, greater adoption, no-worry about installation or maintenance are another reason why ZilicusPM is strongly received by professional services organizations across the world, especially in United States and Europe.


Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

Project Management KPIs Software - ZilicusPM

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