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Online Project Issue Management Tool

Gear up your teams to proactively manage incidents, issues, bugs better

Reporting Project Issue using Project Issue Management Software

Quick & easy to highlight project issues

Clients, project team members and project manager can report project issues to issues log. It is automatically reported to project manager for review. Project manager can review it for priority, impact, etc but every highlighted issue gets in to project issue register and shows up in the pending list fora  project manager. Person submitting issue and project owner gets email notification, in-app alert as soon as issue is submitted. Thus any submitted issue is unlikely to get unnoticed and project manager has to act on it.

Not logged in, no worry! Report issue via email

Project clients and team members can create issue simply by sending email to project specific unique email address; as simple as that. Your email’s subject becomes summary of project issue, your email’s body becomes issue description and attachment in the email becomes issue attachment and you (email sender, registered in the system as project stakeholder) becomes issue reporter.

Even email based collaboration gets further as you reply to issue email and your response is recorded as your comment to the issue..

Project Workspace - Report/ Submit Project Issue via Email
Project Issues Report - By Reported Team Member

Track issue reports in your project

Project manager can easily track issues reported in his/her projects. ZilicusPM provides easy and ready to access issues report such as
  • All active issues
  • Issues reported by me
  • All issues
    • All issues grouped by reporter
    • All issues grouped by assigned to
    • All issues grouped by priority
    • All issues grouped by status
  • My active issues
  • My closed issues

Work together transparently, issue collaboration

ZilicusPM enables project stakeholders to work together around project issues. Team members, clients can 

  • Upload and share issue related attachments
  • Add comment using web application
  • Add comments via simple email reply
  • Clients can report issue
  • All issues can be shared with client if manager wants to
  • Be notified when issue due date is passed
  • Be notified when issue status is changed
Project Issues Comments - Audit Trail Log
Project Issues Dashboard - In Project Issue Management Software

Track issues in project dashboard

Track project specific issues in the project dashboard – project manager can easily check collective status of issues at a click using project dashboard.

You get to see all issues reported in a given project grouped by priority and thereby you know how many issues are in high priority, low priority, medium priority, etc.

Get bird-eye view of issues across portfolio of projects

ZilicusPM provides portfolio managers with a bird eye view of multiple issues across portfolio of projects using portfolio issues dashboard. Executive management can quickly tracj number of project issues per portfolio with varying priority..

Once you start using ZilicusPM, you will happily forget about Excel, MS Project, status meetings and all such operationally inefficiencies techniques to streamline your project issue reporting, delegation, tracking and management.

Project Portfolio Issues Dashboard

ZilicusPM risk management tool is easy to use &
It has so much for you to manage projects issues like a pro

Manage project risks using risk management tool in ZilicusPM. It is easy to submit risk, track risks using risk register, evaluate its impact and likelihood and set response strategy effortlessly. Take a look at features you can use to quickly contain, exploit risks using online tool

Submit Issues

Online Issue register

review Issue

set issue priority

Assign Resources

attach file

Issue comments

track time against Issue

Issue lifecycle

client access

report issue by email

add comment by email

Issue reports

view Audit log

project Issue dashboard

portfolio Issue dashboard

Custom fields

Issue notifications

Issue due date

task linked to Issue

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ZilicusPM has been super helpful!! It Saved Our Company

I love that this program has helped better manage our projects, jobs, and what is due and deadlines for each aspect of a project. Also, it helps us keep track of when items are due and it alerts you as well. Since using this program, we have managed our time and projects more efficiently.
Samatha D - Zilicus Review
Samantha D
Management Associate

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Quickly create & manage schedule with interactive Gantt

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Set milestone, task priority.Use task filters, view baseline, critical tasks and more

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My Project Tasks

Designed for team members, it shows only those project tasks assigned to you

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Time Tracking

Track time against project tasks, issues, risks. Submit for approval using web, mobile

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Timesheet Approval

Get timesheet approved by project manager or set auto-approval in place

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Expenses Tracking

Submit project expenses across multiple projects tasks using web, mobile

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Expenses Approval

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Track project issues, set priorities, add comment, track them all and get resolved

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Your online project risk register. Assess risk impact and set response strategy

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Change Management

Manage every project change request. Evaluate its benefits and impact before approving

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Stakeholder Management

Invite internal, external, statutory stakeholders to access project information 

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Project Approval

Submit project requests for approval, PMO/portfolio manager can review, approve it

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Project Templates

Use, reusable project schedule and team combination. Save time in these mundane activities

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Portfolio Budget

Set portfolio budget, allocate its parts to projects. Track budget vs allocated amount

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Portfolio Dashboard

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Track project cost divided into resources, fixed and other costs. Compare planned vs actual

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Set project billing and track project billing through the project execution process

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Earned Value

Track value earned by your projects using earned value reports

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Assign Tasks to Staff

Quickly assign tasks to your team members, get them notified

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Resource Calendar

Set resource calendar – working days, hours per day

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Resource Workload

Clearly see workload for a given staff member, daily, weekly or monthly basis

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Resource Skills

Set resource skills, roles and filter resource for capacity planning, allocation

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Project Meetings

Set project meetings, invite attendees, track MoM & action items

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Document Sharing

Share project documents, tasks, issue, risk, change specific documents

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Discussion Board

Ideate and collaborate with your project team, clients.

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Client Collaboration

Invite your clients, share plan, documents, issues, changes with your clients.

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App Alerts

Get notified when pending tasks, issues, risks, approvals are pending on your name

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Email Notification

Get task assignment emails in your inbox, update status through email, comment and mroe

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Team Calendar

Know who is working on  what, when in your project tema

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Custom Reports

Create your own report, set columns, filters, grouping, etc.

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