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Project Management Wish List 2017

We have seen project managers wish list previously. This year, we talked to few executive management teams from different companies and jotted down what senior management expects out of project management professionals or project management as a discipline, so essentially it is a project management wish list 2017.

Project Management Wish List 2017

project management wish list 2017

You ‘ll Have Our Support, State Your Expectations Clearly

If a project is not able to progress for various reasons, project managers turn to senior management. Yes, we are going to be there to support you but please understand that troubleshooting a problem is not the best thing we can do to a project. Right and timely information help us greatly in making decisions. If risks are foreseen, opportunities are identified at right time; we can extend best possible support. But what we expect is right things brought to our notice and expectations are clearly stated.

No Buzzwords Please, We All Are Lean Fellows

Agile, lean project management is a reality. We all are lean fellows. We have been doing business and adopting new practices appropriately for sustainable business. Let’s not bombard our teams with buzzwords. Sometimes, the noise around us can mislead us. We know that not-everything that is working currently for us is the best similarly not-everything new will be the best for our business. Every other project need not be pushed through sprints. So it is prudent to make right assessment of newer things and setting right change method. Experimenting, learning, adapting will help us being relevant in today’s business dynamics.

Let’s Save Everyone From Bad Surprises

No bad surprise: project management wish list 2017

You know, what we are talking about. Sometimes project pictures are painted rosy only to realise that that wasn’t true. Let’s be pragmatic about our assessment of all our projects. Being optimist is a natural human tendency but we should not forget highlighting problems at right time can save a great deal for our company.  We don’t have to run around in a fire-fighting mode or keep explaining things to customers, auditors, suppliers or partners. Just save everyone from bad surprises.

Matured Project Management Process

Time and agin, we are getting convinced that, for a predictable and sustainable project delivery, we need mature project management processes. We have set up a project management office (PMO) and PMO needs to strengthen project management processes. We have to have sound project governance, communication, risk and change management, resourcing processes. Our journey from a small team to a large group/business unit has been exciting. But we need to make sure that things will not fall through cracks just because we do not have change management process in place or risk management in place. We need to embrace IT systems to enable all of these: project portfolio management system has it all.

Focus On Value, Is Customer Really Happy or Successful

No bad surprise: project management wish list 2017

Project deliverables are critical but as a team we have to look beyond a piece of paper or software or artefact. At all times, are we willing to find out “Does project deliverable help my client to do things better, easier, proper?” There has been a buzzword about happy customers. I am of the opinion that ‘Happiness’ is difficult to measure for any human being 🙂

We have to identify and attempt to make customer successful in doing his/her job/business. As I mentioned earlier, I should do everything possible so that my customer can perform underwriting of insurance policy much easily, quickly, as well as following right underwriting processes i.e. being compliant without much of difficulty? Can we save 20% of the time it used to take underwriting a policy, can customer see 80% drop in erroneous policy floated because of lack of underwriting-approval process?

Once again, Wish you a very happy new year 2017.

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