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Project Portfolio Management in 2016 – Project Management Round up

Project Portfolio Management in 2016 – Project Management Round up

Six Predictions for Project Portfolio Management in 2016

Project Portfolio Management in 2016

Kevin Kern has outlined six predictions for project portfolio management in 2016 in this pmhut article. Let me quickly summarize few trends he wants to highlight.

  • PMO will go for predictive analytics and anything that can be automated will get automated
  • Agile isn’t the last word for project management, what works well (even if it is hybrid approach) will be adopted
  • Curtailing IT budget means organizations will get smarter to optimaly using limited resources
  • Internet of Things (IoT) will see considerable businesses drive and PMO will play significant role
  • Cloud computing will shape the future and it will under-go changes


What to Do When Your Boss Wants You to Cross the Line

As a part of articles in series about Ethics and Project management projectmanagement.com, Mark Mullaly talks about crossing the line. What should you do when you were asked to report progress of a particular activity as On-Time when it is not actually progressing as expected? This is especially important question if project sponsor can turn the project status as Yellow from Green, based on your input. He argues, firstly one should clearly understand and identify that there is a line. Once it is done, you will have to decide which side of the line you would like to be. The real difficulty is deciding the side.

But as you decide the side, Mark has shared scenarios where it appears choosing side is subjective decision. However he further argues that having an ethical discussion involves negotiation as being/behaving ethically is not easy. Stakeholders need to understand ethical boundaries, but at the same time, we have to interpret the intention and impact of trade-offs to be done. Read more in this interesting article.

Ethics and Project Success

Project Portfolio Management in 2015 - Ethics and Success

Michael O’Brochta believes that ethics is not ‘Nice to have’ but absolutely required for project success. Let me quote why he thinks this way

“…a successful project requires leadership, which requires followers, which requires trust, which requires ethical behavior. Therefore, an absence of ethical behavior undermines project success

Basically he is arguing project success is result of project leadership and leadership is all about trust of followers and other stakeholders. Trust cannot be gained without ethical behavior. Hence ethics for project success is necessary.

4 Traits Of The Best Leaders

Let me share bullet points of this article. I’d suggest you to go through the link if you are interested in reading it further.

  • Show off – Nay
  • Dictators – Nay
  • Encourage Voicing Your Opinion – Yey
  • I Ain’t Vulnerable – Nay

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