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Ready For Next Generation Project Managers

Are Your Ready To Be The Next Generation Project Manager

There are interesting stories of great project managers who turned around the project situation amazingly with their skills and experiences. Those who are transformed from Good to Great Project Managers, the capable ones, with-hands-on-experience can really bring the difference to the topline & bottomline performance of an organization. Now the business challenges are multi-fold and they are changing almost every day, questions one should be asking are: do we have such managers and in turn, are we ready for next generation project manager?

Next Generation Project Manager Steering Project Through Troubled Waters

The fascinating part of project management is, organizations can benefit from it, in both: good as well as in bad business situations. When an organization grows, it needs project management professionals to streamline its project management processes and make the most of positive business momentum. And it is the sound project management processes and experience of project managers who can stir the ship out of bad weather. It is highly desirable for an organization to keep investing in such project management skills, exposing project manager/leaders to evolving business situations.

Next Generation Project Manager and Strategy

Let’s quickly look at changing landscape of business and evolving aspects in project management.

Looking at above list, one can imagine that business is expecting successful project results, it will necessarily have its leadership to understand importance of next generation project manager, get buy-in to invest. The leadership will have to commit its organizations to embrace such changes, impart training and expose project managers to different industry practices, business situations.

The project management for next generation project manager also means

  • Strategic focus, strategic alignment of project management activities
  • Exposure to & expertise of using new edge technologies: tools,
  • Business skills, leadership traits and so on.

All of these, in turn mean organizations will have to develop/groom its project management professionals to lead in competitive environment.

  • Talent Management: finding good project managers, leaders
  • Introducing new technologies & tools, training them
  • Developing strategic outlook of PMO teams
  • Re-investing Knowledge base / applying learning from the past


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Additional readings about project management, leadership

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