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Requirement Management Software by Zilicus


We at Zilicus, have been offering a comprehensive project management software to users with ZilicusPM – the online project management software. Soon, we will be launching online requirement management software as our portfolio of collaborative solutions.

Why Requirement Management Software?

As we always say, solutions provided by us are offered with a vision to empower business users in making precise decision through right access, collaboration and apt knowledge. Aligning our products’ strategy with the vision mentioned above, we are going to offer a useful solutions for business users to manage their product requirements/ service requirements.

We have experienced and identified that managing requirement is a real big challenge for organizations.

Challenge in managing user requirements in terms of

1. Documenting requirements in structured manner
2. Analyzing various requirement artifacts (e.g. user case, features, test case, design, etc)
3. Prioritization among requirements and in turn scheduling those for delivery
4. Collaboration among team members – delegation, discussions, approvals, notifications
5. Ensuring traceability of requirement artifacts and linked deliverable
6. Ensuring accountability among team members for the activities performed
7. Requirement approvals and mapping of business process

We have experienced it and have been hearing from so many business users about the severe pain characterized by incomplete requirements, non-traceable requirements, un-managed requirements, the deliverables being significantly different from agreed requirements rework and in turn the cost-overrun implication.

Organizations certainly need sound practices to manage user requirements, some of them do have. But many organizational users we talk to have ad-hoc processes or no-processes to manage business requirements.

Most common problems faced while dealing with requirements

1. Requirements are not documented well
2. The discussions related to requirements are not recorded
3. The approvals are not process driven (if they do, then it is treated as a formality) and done in a hurried manner
4. They are not communicated to right set of people at right time (think of QA members, when are they informed about requirement?)
5. Changes to requirement artifacts are not updated or maintained thus loosing the traceability of requirements to other design artifacts or tasks, issues and risk, etc.

After talking to current users of ZilicusPM and other people from different companies in IT/Software, we have decided to offer online  requirement management software that will be highly beneficial to companies in IT/Software, high-tech and healthcare and medical, manufacturing, energy and utilities and so on sectors.

We would love to hear your feedback.

  • What issues are you facing in conventional/desktop/cloud solutions?
    • In requirement elicitation
    • Requirement gathering, modelling
    • Managing communication and collaboration
    • Managing reviews and approval
    • Translating requirements into delivery
  • What features would you like to see in ZilicusRM?

Of course, it is needless to say that it will remain our endeavor to provide enterprise class solution and support to our users. Even as we are going ahead with requirement management software, we will continue to invest in ZilicusPM, without defocusing it. We really look at ZilicusRM as a value contribution will be a complementary solution to ZilicusPM.

In next couple of months, you will see frequent updates about ZilicusPM as well as ZilicusRM.

About Zilicus

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